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  1. It flags it as completed in the questie database i would imagine
  2. Post some groovy tunes. I'll start with an artist I found that I love every single of their songs. The way they mix guitars and synths is divine. Show me what you guys got!
  3. Volts

    Post Your UI #3456789

    No problem, let me know if you have any other questions
  4. Volts

    Post Your UI #3456789

    Some people have asked me to upload my UI so here it is in its current form Images Download Link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8Bcvjkn6UtxR2RLTTgtWmdHTzg
  5. Oh shit this is a good idea
  6. Volts

    Post Your UI #3456789

  7. Volts

    Post Your UI #3456789

    It's not an addon, it's called AIArt
  8. Volts

    Post Your UI #3456789

    Updated my UI.
  9. Volts

    Move ShaguTooltip

    I was wondering if someone could modify shagu tooltip to change the anchor and position of the tooltip from the right hand corner. Thanks
  10. Volts


    Also interested in this.
  11. Volts

    hit rating

    Does the +hit gained from the formula change from going from 300 weapon skill to 305 weapon affect yellow attacks? In addition if those skills don't "use" said weapon (shield slam, shield bash, pummel)? Forgive me if I am repeating myself. And special attacks always use 1H hit rating, so if your duel weilding the hitcap is still 8.6 for specials?
  12. http://www.wow-one.com/forum/topic/64565-new-addon-smartloot-unobtrusive-group-loot-frames This will do what you want. You can set any item to be auto-need, auto-greed, etc.
  13. Volts

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    I believe this is already implemented. I'm not at my computer so I can't check, but I think it's under general settings.
  14. Here is a similar addon I found http://www.wow-one.com/forum/topic/64565-new-addon-smartloot-unobtrusive-group-loot-frames/ I like your interface more. However I would love to see you implement the functionality this has with marking things as "auto-need" or "auto-greed" Keep it up!