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  1. Pixelslyna

    Striker's Garb

    imo it's more of a pvp set for people who didn't want to hardcore rank
  2. Pixelslyna

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    On my preraid bis hunter i run 30bm/21mm when im not raiding(as i feel you lack way too much crit at this gear level to be good just grinding/killing elites ect). Spirit Bond is just too good if ur just farming shit in the world, but the main reason this gives me BOTH pet stun and scatter shot for world pvp. Lovely spec when you are not raiding.
  3. Glad to see Danes on the Horde side. Something i will enjoy killing
  4. Alliance Mage. Can't decide if i'm going human or gnome
  5. Pixelslyna

    Un'goro is dead

    To be fair by the time Nost shut down the devilsaurs weren't THAT viciously camped anymore. Me and a friend farmed quite alot of them and mapped the spawns + timers. Was pretty nice gold at level 55 Pretty sure you didn't play. 250g at level 41 was a ваууton of gold.
  6. Pixelslyna

    Scandinavian community

    Många finns på #Vikings i Elysiums officiella discord server https://discordapp.com/invite/VVHRJeK
  7. Pixelslyna

    Svenska / Swedish Thread

    Jag kommer köra fresh med ett par andra. Kom #Vikings på Elysiums discord istället för att chatta! https://discordapp.com/invite/VVHRJeK
  8. Pixelslyna

    Is Ret Paladin Good In PvE?

    The damage output is rather weak Non tryhard guilds will allow you to come provided that you have Nightfall though
  9. Pixelslyna

    reckoning pala unite!

    Weapons with slow swing timers like Arcanite Reaper
  10. Pixelslyna

    Frost Mage PVP Situation Question

    Get engineering to bomb after blinks
  11. Level 55-60. Gather some basic resto gear and duo queue bgs till fresh comes out
  12. I'm pretty sure that every mount in Vanilla is BoP
  13. Pixelslyna

    Un'goro is dead

    Leave my elemental earths alone! Thats how i made 250g just grind leveling 37-42 LOL
  14. Pixelslyna

    How do you make your wow video's

    Locally record using OBS or just use shadowplay if you have an Nvidia card