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  1. Start again if you want i enjoy on 9k pop and don't care
  2. loonbg

    Bulgarian Community

    Здравейте ако някой проявява желание и иска да играе в активна Българска гилдия от Хордската фракция , може да заповяда в PvP Релама на Anathema името на гилдията е Bulgaria п.п на /who можете да напишете Bulgaria и ще ви излезе колко човека са активни, всички имат права да инвайтват
  3. loonbg


    are any one know when Darkmoon fire spawn exact its show once month but when ?
  4. loonbg

    This queue is unacceptable

    go start playing in nost pve its better no que no ganking
  5. loonbg

    nice 7k que

    wtf so many afkers .. atm have 8.8k online and server cap is 12k = 3.200 afkers lol
  6. loonbg

    nice 7k que

    you are right about delay this can be fixed only with clustering if they finish it soon as possible Nost Clustering Dev Video
  7. loonbg

    nice 7k que

    They need to incrase pop cap to 15k (bcs always will have 1-2k afk) and ms on me is very good on 12k Also problem with afkers on char select screen is big problem
  8. So true better admins to incrase players cap + afk kicker bcs 8k ppl waiting on que and 2-3 k afking on char screen
  9. guys from early morning have 7+ que.. i can't enter whole day .. p.p if some one admin read this thread .. please increase pop or open new realm
  10. loonbg

    Elysium player cap?

    true but this server have dynamic spawn and it can handle more .. hope new realm will can handle 10+ k ppl as old pvp server
  11. loonbg

    Time for fresh server

    when ppl seen what ganking is coming at 40lvl will move to pve
  12. loonbg

    Make more than ONE fresh realm!

    And Instances =] Lot low pop servers is not what i like i prefer to play in server like old Nost one big realm with lot of ppl and lot of fun ofc
  13. loonbg

    Stuck at 'Retrieving Character List'

    yeah this problem still exist..