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  2. That was SORRY and many other shit guilds. Check the realmplayers for Coalition, no mage is doing insane damage. You do realize that all the guild clearing aq40 this week have 1.8 BiS players? That means full t2, world boss items, legendaries, full consumes, fucking everything. Aswell as stacking buffs (ISB + Shadow Weaving + Nightfall for example). Of course people would do more damage.
  3. Delete your post cause you're just plain wrong.
  4. Yeah what is this shit. Staff always half ass what they do, and never commit to he things they say they will do. This is as simple as adding some items into the game. You guys said "final pvp update", entailing there would be no further updates. Does that mean you aren't adding the weapons in at all??
  5. Haitharn

    [A] <Blacklisted> [NA] Weekend Raiding

    Bump. Need more peeps
  6. Haitharn

    The War Effort Reborn

    This is a terrible and horrid idea. "Because y'all couldn't complete our first piece of custom content, here is even MORE custom content". Just lower the required materials to a more blizzlike number.
  7. Haitharn

    PVP premades discrepancy

    Queue times are what causes the huge discrepancies in bracket caps between Alliance and Horde, it was the same on Nostalrius launch (and current day). As for how they get 1.4 million honor, it's getting 5 cap AB, 3 capping WSG in 6 mins, and getting 6 min AV's. These guys are very good and very coordinated (aswell as pvping not stop).
  8. Haitharn

    Is it realistic to go Disc/Holy for DPS?

    Do you have any videos of a smite DPS priest doing a lot of dps?
  9. I've had this bug since I started on Nost. Still no Feedback, only Desperate Prayer
  10. Haitharn

    Is it realistic to go Disc/Holy for DPS?

    What 40man are you 6 healing?