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    Is there a recent Census ?

    I decided to take realmstats down, because vanillaradar was tracking in a more substainable manner, http://vanillaradar.com/elysium-stats/darrowshire/
  2. Athena

    Just saying hi

    PvE servers never had this restriction.
  3. Link: http://www.RealmStats.net/ Temporarily backup: click I've spent the past 2 days creating the base for a replica (click here for a WebArchive of the original) for the WarcraftRealms project that uses Census Plus to gather character information (ran by users) who could then upload their stats on a website to have a central location for managing and distributing the results. This project can still be considered "beta" phase and is very much still 'work in progress' on the server side. One of the next steps that I'm going to be working on is to add a "search" functionality to go back in time. With enough people contributing it should in fact be possible to have a decent overview of people their leveling times, guild history and general population analysis over a longer period of time as enough data is coming in. The server already tracks this data, but I haven't had time to work on actually outputting that data in an useful way. Since the servers aren't live yet, I've been using Kronos (1 and 2) as a temporarily test environment. The results from running Census Plus and uploading the data on these 2 servers (note: past ~ 36 hours at the time of writing) can be seen here: Kronos I Kronos II Screenshot It would be nice to have a decent bunch of contributors active throughout the next few weeks to gain some truly useful stastical date resulting from the Nostalrius relaunch. Contributing doesn't take a lot of effort as you can actually configure Census Plus to schedule automatic snapshots. Uploading the statistics is as simple as logging out, closing the client or running a /console reloadui to force Census Plus to store the snapshot on the filesystem and then you can upload said snapshot on the website. While the system is making frequent backups there is still the risk of douchebags ruining the stats by uploading corrupt/invalid data, so all the signups go through a manual approval process (which will be done by me). If you want to help out, just leave me a message with the username that you registered on and I'll get the rest taken care of.
  4. The website should be fully functional again and also contains some true "live data" graphs now.
  5. Athena

    Lucky Fishing Hat event

    The other servers don't have the event yet due to the timelines. You will need to wait for Zul'Gurub.
  6. Uploading was bugged. Should be fixed later today.
  7. Athena

    Developers - Queue API/Access (ElysiumStatus)

    If you are creating something yourself, why don't you use one of the emulator projects (Mangos?) to check what packages to send.
  8. Athena

    Developers - Queue API/Access (ElysiumStatus)

    There are open source solutions that let you login to a realm with a headless client.
  9. Support for the new PvP server has been added... Log it please :)!
  10. Really? You're saying they can't /who themselves or check realmplayers.com? Honestly, this is the least relevant dataset to use for goldselling, lol. Besides, good luck bypassing the firewall, 16384 bit SSH key and the between 48 and 72 characters long password...
  11. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user-css/okpjlejfhacmgjkmknjhadmkdbcldfcb Is what I use. I'm also more of a C++ person, but sometimes you need to deal with shitty Javascript.:p.
  12. If it has a CSS override plugin it should work.
  13. Using the old stylesheets. Chrome ftw.
  14. http://i.imgur.com/bn9mNLE.png
  15. Athena

    The new theme is awful

    Yep... The вау man. Custom stylesheet incoming. I'll post it here if I have time to make one.
  16. Athena

    Undead troll skin

    Client-side glitch.
  17. Athena

    Why is everything in Russian?

    It might "only" be happening for old accounts. In incognito mode everyone sees the forums in English. Chrome's translate option helped me find it, but yeah, it's a pretty retarded change and it surprises me that they missed this during the many hours the forums were down. Edit: And yes, please change your team to the white/default IPB one while at it...
  18. Athena

    Why is everything in Russian?

    The first link in the footer is a dropdown where you can change the language back to English. The second one lets you change the theme to a more useful one.
  19. Athena

    Is it realistic to go Disc/Holy for DPS?

    A single shadowpriest is sometimes taken to raids by guilds, because they desire the +shadowdamage buff for warlocks (note: after the debuff slot increase). They do less damage than other classes, but at least bring something to the raid. Disc priests bring Power Infusion, but they will still expect you to be a full time healer.
  20. Athena

    The new theme is awful

    At the bottom of the page you can use the language picker to change it back to English. For existing accounts the default is Russian, but for guests it's English... You can also change the theme there, so back to default IP-theme it is.
  21. Above issue is fixed and new accounts are approved .
  22. Athena

    realm statistics?

    www.realmstats.net yo! There is no official stats page on the Elysium website (yet) to my knowledge.