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  1. Paparia

    TBC Server Updates?

    there is a way to find a lot of ppl who want to play tbc log in nightheaven do /who naxxramas and start asking we are borred of doing the same raids over and over again logging in to kill the same guys we killed in nostalrius kronos elysium and all the vanila pserver i don't remember any decent tbc server that lasted more than 3 months but i am prety sure i have run BWL 667 times we need tbc wipes we need to not be prepaired or to not face Prince Malchezaar alone but the legions he comands πŸ˜›
  2. i get it that a x2 xp rate will help will help <fress> ppl catch up for the tbc server if they can't ding 60 in 4 months of x2 xp then THEY ARE NOT PREPAIRED but x5 ? so we all can have 8 transmutatio alts and 8 tailor alts for cooldowns ? (the economy is dead, long live goldspamers) atleast can you make both vanila servers share batlegrounds or something the servers pvp comunity is so bored already that spliting the bg q will just ....... keep the good work don't make rush desisions and deliver us to the promiced TBC land πŸ˜›
  3. Paparia

    Will be TBC a success?

    sorry that i will sound like an asshole again but this servers are no competition at all i tryed both and .....ely first tbc beta had better pathfinding and less bugs
  4. Paparia

    What is the beta xp rate? It isn't 1x

    the new races had increased xp rewards in their starting zones quest duno if that is the case in beta
  5. Paparia

    TBC Faction Balance

    it is just a chain of events when 500 hordes join bg que versus 100 ally 150 of them join the rest 350 have to w8 for next bg pop they are bored so they go <world pvp> until the que pops but since there is not enough allys in world they are forced to go search for levelers in the quest hubs then you have some of this fress ppl rage and quit or faction change, same with some of the hordes that find their honor advancment 2 slow so next month you have 450 hordes v80 allys in the bg que and this continues til the server PVP dies i don't know if there is a solution to this maybe allow cross faction battleground que ,i dont know if this is posible or what bad side efects will have like win trading etc etc
  6. you need to be DEAD to see the spirit
  7. Paparia

    TBC Faction Balance

    all the free mount, bonus xp, faction cap login Q and joined raids are thing other servers tryed and still died. The limited time free one way faction transfer sounds more <blizzlike> and it may work. But keep in mind that when the server opens there is going to be a wave of overhyped nooblets that think they are pvp gods overpopulating one faction, that will quit the server in a couple of months when they realise they failed in arena or that they have 6hours warsong que or get bored of ganking lowbes. Also numbers are always numbers and one faction with big population can be dead if there is no balance of pvpers, pvers,raidlogers,levelers or profesion/actionhouse carebears so you need look on more info and not only to how many are logged in the varius timezone primetimes
  8. Paparia

    Double XP and player base

    Enjoy classic (VANILLA) wow ,all the aspects of it grind, ganking, pve, pvp, raiding and world chat. If you don't have time play less none will judge you if it takes you 1 month to 60. If you don't want to level again and you are bored of doing it after leaving your last server then don't cos you will be bored after 60 and leave this one 2. If you want fun and rewards fast with minimum effort there is a company called blizzard that hosts such a mutation of wow. And don't forget playing with friends makes the game 100% better
  9. Paparia

    Character name change request

    Welcome to the club . embrace your new name and live with it like we all did .:P all my nicknames are taken from lvl 1s with 2-10 minutes playtime:P
  10. Paparia

    New to Elysium

    HUNTER you will be 60 and well prepaired for tbc til it is ready thats is 100% guaranteed it is the reward you get from the tame pet quest an npc that is power leveling you as long as you feed it from time to time πŸ˜›
  11. Paparia

    TBC Account Transfer - Economy Issues

    Like the glorius project boss mentioned this will try to be <retail like> . All the problems you mentioned are bad side effects of instant 60 <fresh> servers where there is 3000 new alchemists/tailors and enchanters camping the leveling recipy npcs, where an arcanite rod costs half a mount and your firstborn and 30% of ally is shamans or horde is paladins. There is always going to be ppl who will try and will get some gold by geting important recipys first or will bleed their fingers grinding JC just to charge green gems 50g in ah but their big profits wont last long there is plenty of 300tradeskill ppl available for transfer in Nightheaven to compete with them and balance the economy. Also transfering already gathered gold from vanila is no diferent than farming it in tbc the only diference is that in vanila it is slower to farm it so we are all busy doing it wile they work on the server so we have more free time for pvp when it launches
  12. Paparia

    Dualspecc for TBC

    so by reducing the need for healers and tanks and also making it eazyer for a healer or tank to replace a dps you Will further encourage dungeon farming or lock out of dungeon groups more ppl ? i understand the need of ppl to have a seperate <PVP> spec on their characters and that is very eazy to do by doing 10daily quest every day or farming a few prima somethings like we all did in retail further contibuting to servers economy. also about small guilds a good advice is to stop being elitists and recruit more ppl and help them get preraid biss .
  13. Paparia

    Decent Resto Guide

    the first respec is just 1g just make sure you know what and how you want your talents in a website talent calculator cos second respec costs 5g and third 10g and it keeps going up πŸ˜› also about druid guides there is no golden guide how to play a resto druid just a few things you must know 1. decide or ask your guild if you will be hot or moonglow druid 2.don't expect to be the best raid healer your heals are great but your secret is that when every other healers mana pool is empty and they beg for inervate you are at 60% and havent used potion yet (give inervate to the best looking priest btw not to yourelf) 2.learn how to use lower lvls of your healing touch depending on gear rank 4 or maybe 3 is the most efective spam heal 3. when some smartass (rogue) tells you you are bad cos you don't have rezz or you hots do insane overheal tel him to go......... lvl lockpiking about gear don't be afraid to use cloth half your t1-t2 pieces are garbadge get a crafted belt and cloak (may be expensive but will last you til naxx)
  14. as prop the devs know it is very hard to monitor how somone obtained the gold he is puting up for sale (if it was eazy goldsellers baning was never going to be a problem) so you willbe runing the risk of just increasing the workload of your gms for this system to work things like a limit of how much gold an ACOUNT can put for sale per month and a limit on how much you can buy + a delay on gold delivery so that gms can check the involved acounts for sighns of ...........< coruption > and adding to that a more strict monitoring of player-player transactions and ingame mail system to prevent profesionals from buypasing the rulles + This will also provide a lot of fuell to this good wiling ppl that are ready to start spaming in the web elysium is paytowin come to my private server πŸ˜›
  15. Paparia

    Removing custom chats in open world.

    Come on m8 are you serius what you think keep rep/gold grinders alive and what makes you LOL during the 665th run of MC WORLD CHAT