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    Dualspecc for TBC

    so by reducing the need for healers and tanks and also making it eazyer for a healer or tank to replace a dps you Will further encourage dungeon farming or lock out of dungeon groups more ppl ? i understand the need of ppl to have a seperate <PVP> spec on their characters and that is very eazy to do by doing 10daily quest every day or farming a few prima somethings like we all did in retail further contibuting to servers economy. also about small guilds a good advice is to stop being elitists and recruit more ppl and help them get preraid biss .
  2. Paparia

    Decent Resto Guide

    the first respec is just 1g just make sure you know what and how you want your talents in a website talent calculator cos second respec costs 5g and third 10g and it keeps going up ๐Ÿ˜› also about druid guides there is no golden guide how to play a resto druid just a few things you must know 1. decide or ask your guild if you will be hot or moonglow druid 2.don't expect to be the best raid healer your heals are great but your secret is that when every other healers mana pool is empty and they beg for inervate you are at 60% and havent used potion yet (give inervate to the best looking priest btw not to yourelf) 2.learn how to use lower lvls of your healing touch depending on gear rank 4 or maybe 3 is the most efective spam heal 3. when some smartass (rogue) tells you you are bad cos you don't have rezz or you hots do insane overheal tel him to go......... lvl lockpiking about gear don't be afraid to use cloth half your t1-t2 pieces are garbadge get a crafted belt and cloak (may be expensive but will last you til naxx)
  3. as prop the devs know it is very hard to monitor how somone obtained the gold he is puting up for sale (if it was eazy goldsellers baning was never going to be a problem) so you willbe runing the risk of just increasing the workload of your gms for this system to work things like a limit of how much gold an ACOUNT can put for sale per month and a limit on how much you can buy + a delay on gold delivery so that gms can check the involved acounts for sighns of ...........< coruption > and adding to that a more strict monitoring of player-player transactions and ingame mail system to prevent profesionals from buypasing the rulles + This will also provide a lot of fuell to this good wiling ppl that are ready to start spaming in the web elysium is paytowin come to my private server ๐Ÿ˜›
  4. Paparia

    Removing custom chats in open world.

    Come on m8 are you serius what you think keep rep/gold grinders alive and what makes you LOL during the 665th run of MC WORLD CHAT
  5. doesn't matter anymore name is taken so i decided to reroll horde i just hope when tbc server comes we will not get a message <No you can only transfer there with 1000g and a stack of bandages>
  6. also about breakingd the economy i don't think my 1600gold will break the economy that already has 8ppl with over 10kgold each but losing consumables or crafting materials or toon names will be very <anoying>
  7. already checed that post thats why i asked since 3 characters with 1000g each is not the same with 3 characters and 1000 on one of them or 10 flasks per toon is not the same as 10 flasks per acount and a lot of us was stockpiling such materials since AQ and NAX was something we were prepairing for
  8. so what if someone had a stupid 58 shaman (old nost toon) in anathema and 3 ally lvl60s in Darrowshire one holding all his gold flasks Jujus etc etc the second all his arcanite arcane crystals and BS materials and and the third with herbs + some 35lvl enchanter with DE materials how is the transfer going to work how the gold and materials alowed to be transfered will work is it going to be a flat amount of gold and consumables alowed per acount or per caracter and before somone yells about breaking the economy etc etc somone may see 100 arcanite bars as gold but somone else will see them as a helmet and a very cool weapon that is just mising some extra materials i know i should be happy that our characters are not lost and personaly i don't care a lot if i lose half my gold since i know how to farm it back til tbc is out what scares me is tranfering all this into a pvp server and losing the oportunity to transfer to a pve server you may decide to open in the future or some scrub filling up new acounts with lvl 1 alts to reserve names before transfer hapends not to offer to sell the names back since you will have a reason to ban him but just to troll ppl and me ending up playing a gnome called Bob
  9. Paparia


    they give us time to make sure we have enough real life consumables for the grind when they start the fresh realm i guess it has to do with the different itemisation of elysium and nost and the database merge (they dont want to transfer toons with items or recipys that dont exixt in nost curent pach) they work on the frozen DB if they let it update they have to start from from the begining again