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  1. Aquamaria

    Leveling a Warrior...

    Here you go. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LZZxbus After getting these talents you put the rest in fury as you normally would.
  2. Aquamaria

    Prot Warrior Guide by Armilus v2

    The way that I see it is that no content in vanilla necessitates 5% extra health in order to be cleared. There'll be extremely few boss encounters that breaks you as a tank if you don't have the tauren racial. However most hardcore guilds I know follow the philosophy of maximising every potential stat in everyone of their raiders to be at the forefront of progression. You risk being shunned by these people if you don't follow the same philosophy. I've been in those kinds of guilds in the past. And although it was really great playing with so many people who where so dedicated to the game, it did chop away at the experience of the journey a fair bit. It's really not all that much fun to have a new raid tier being released and clearing it in a matter of a few hours because you've maximised gear in the raid by mixing in a 50/50 ratio of mains and alts in the previous raid tier and doing the same raid twice a week in order to gear up twice as fast. You'll be ridicilously overgeared for when the next raid tier hits. Couple that with every extra buff imaginable and everything becomes very easy. This really reduces the experience of the journey in my opinion. I guess I've been rambling on for a bit, but to answer your question; no you do not need to be a tauren in order to tank everything in vanilla. You might be shunned by the people who's got a tunnelvision when it comes to raiding and maximising stats, but in my opinion you're better off experiencing the vanilla raid content in a not so hardcore guild anyways.
  3. Looking forward to see your new solution I know the timers are wrong before max rank, but if you look at the screenshot there's two timers stacked on top of eachother. One is white while the other one is yellow. Here's another screenshot at level 60 with duplicate timers. I believe this happened when Shagu made some changes to one of the later commits in his pfUI. I don't have any other addon that has an effect on debuff timers in my setup apart from your addon and the pfUI unitframes. Do you know what's causing it to happen?
  4. It seems like after Shagu changed some code regarding cooldowns in one of the later pfUI commits your addon has two different timers stacked on top of eachother on the pfUI unitframes. They're not in synch either. Do you know where the problem lies? I've attached a screenshot that I took.
  5. Aquamaria

    Leveling a Warrior...

    It might be bugged on Kronos. I don't really know. But even if health regen is bugged on that server, it doesn't make the setup less approachable, rather the contrary.
  6. Aquamaria

    Leveling a Warrior...

    The damage dealt is quite good too.
  7. Aquamaria

    Leveling a Warrior...

    I'm not sure if the health regeneration on Kronos is bugged or not, but I would assume not. I used to have to bandage or eat before every fight when I was using a two-hander on Kronos as well. I'm not arguing the point that this way of leveling is better than fury, as I haven't done any precise calculations myself, but I'm certainly thinking of it as a relevant alternative. With this setup you'll have a lot better survivability, near zero downtime, (even if you in-between regular fights pull 3-4 mobs at a time), and you'll get to play a bit of a different playstyle than you're used to. (I don't die, ever). If you're able to invest in some shield spikes your damage will go up by a lot. With improved shield block the enemy will take extra damage just about every time he hits you - while you mitigate all his damage. If you still have gold to spare and you've gotten a hold of a good weapon, (such as Meteor shard), you could invest in a fiery weapon enchant which will boost your damage even further. By no means is the fiery enchant necessary, but it does come in handy. You should however get some shield spikes if you consider leveling like this. With enough damage modifiers you can even hold your ground against much tougher enemies which you wouldn't be able to kill otherwise. Another benefit is that you can use revenge every fifth second, which is the only attack that is an instant attack during your earlier levels. However, the difference from the extra damage a heroic strike does may or may not make it a mute point. In my experience I get a lot more of a steady rage generation, much higher survivability and less downtime using revenge at the earlier levels so I'm very comfortable with it. Get shield spikes. Get mortal strike at level 40.
  8. Aquamaria

    Leveling a Warrior...

    This is on Kronos.
  9. Thank you, Renew. It's a great addon! Any chance you could make the timer appear on pfui nameplates aswell?
  10. Aquamaria

    Leveling a Warrior...

    Here's an alternate take on leveling a warrior up until level 40. I level all my warrior as protection... You all probably think that's crazy, but you should hear me out. Leveling with a few key talents from the protection tree gives me nearly zero downtime, a lot higher survivability and it makes my class a lot less worse in PvP before level 36. In my experience I actually gain quite a bit more experience an hour aswell. You all know the horrible grind from level 1-36 as a warrior. We play hoping that the RNG won't make us miss the next hit. We constantly run away from mobs and we die A LOT. Prior to getting our first instant ability at level 36 all we can do is auto-attack the mobs. If you look at the talents improved shield block and improved revenge from the protection tree you should be able to envision yourself having a lot higher survivability. With a shield and two guaranteed blocks plus a 45% chance of stunning the mob every fifth second I get very close to having zero downtime while grinding mobs. I can even take on 3-4 of them at a time without being worried I'll die. I'll post a video of my character leveling in stranglethorn valley down below to give you guys a demonstration. And by the way, being jumped by a rogue with these talents is no longer any threat as I mitigate all their damage. I love watching them break themselves upon my shield. In the video I have a Silverblade with a fiery enchant and shield spikes on, which boosts my damage quite a bit, but prior to getting those items I still leveled quite a bit faster as protection as opposed to wielding a two-hander. If you get Meteor Shard/Silverblade and shield spikes on your shield your damage will increase by a lot. If you have the gold to get a fiery weapon enchant and shadow oil aswell you'll fly through the mid-levels as if they were nothing. Appologies about the cheesy music. When I taped it I wanted to show off to a friend so I put on a dramatic song. https://youtu.be/zyzxj8ZgRzw Edit: Here's the talent spec for those of you who wanted it http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LZZxbus. The rest of your talents should go in the fury tree like usual.
  11. Aquamaria

    Cheap respec

    I'm all in favor of a lower respec cost. It would definitely be a huge incentive for people to be more active in PvP.