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  1. I played wow during vanilla retail and my guild only made it through spider wing, first boss of plague, first boss of death knight and up to thaddius in abom. Then TBC was coming soon and nobody wanted to bother raiding anymore. It really really REALLY sucked that I didn't get to finish naxx and when it was re-released in WOTLK my guild was speed clearing it the first week which almost made things worse. I've been playing on private servers for about 5 years now exclusively because I wanted to do AQ40 and Naxx again. When I finally got the chance to do AQ40 again I lasted 3-4 clears of the instance before I had to quit raiding. Why? Because I would have to quit my job in order to farm 2 flasks a week, all the protection pots, rage pots, free action pots, etc. in addition to logging in an hour before raiding (I'm 2 hours behind EST so that means getting to work an hour early on raid days so I can leave early). It's easy for people to say "Sounds like you are in the wrong guild" but that's not the point. It's not about the guild, I have 0 interest in doing shit half assed. I have 0 interest wasting hours wiping because half the people I'm playing with are paying more attention to the TV than the raid they are in. I don't have fun carry slackers on my back and I don't have fun being carried on the back of those putting in more effort. Period. I'm also not the only one. I guarantee you will find many people with the same sentiment at any 'tier' of guild. If flasks were nerfed or made easier to farm I would probably still be raiding. (Exactly what blizzard did for TBC) If consumes were nerfed so you can only use 1 or 2 at a time I would probably still be raiding. (Exactly what blizzard did for TBC) If world buffs were permanently disabled I would probably still be raiding. (Exactly what blizzard did for TBC) I know that none of these things are blizzlike in vanilla but in vanilla the vast majority of guilds did not flask every raid member until they started to get stuck on bosses in naxx. My guild didn't flask DPS until patchwerk (which was a more common blocker than 4H in retail (most guilds didn't get to 4H)). Most guilds also didn't stack world buffs or use every possible consume available, just the ones with the biggest impact. The only guilds that did use all these things to the limit are the guilds that were pushing for world first boss kills and when you look at a raid video it's most likely from one of these guilds in the vast minority. For the record, my guild used to get in flame wars on the blizzard forums with "stupid casuals". By today's standards we would have been a straight up shit-tier ultra casual guild but back then we were considered 'hardcore' by most players. I'm 100% confident that if consumes, flasks and world buffs were as widely used in retail MC through BWL as they are on private servers, blizzard would have nerfed them all well before AQ40 came out, never mind naxx. The problem in vanilla wow is that these things make bosses easier (aka the fun part of the game) but don't cause you to have to put in less time to kill those bosses. Instead you just shift time from working on technique and learning boss mechanics to time farming consumables and running around the world chasing buffs (aka the not fun parts of the game). For many people, this makes it impossible to play the game anymore. I would literally have to quit my job to keep up with my guild mates. This is in a large part due to simply being in a time zone 2 hours earlier than most of them. That's a really shitty reason to make a game inaccessible. I'm also sure that I'm not the only one who has quit playing since AQ came out due to this exact problem. Yes vanilla wow was great because it was hard but people played the game differently back in retail and it wasn't as time consume as it is on private servers. You can make the game exactly blizzlike in mechanics but this isn't a single player game, it's a social game and WE changed. We are keeping the game from being blizzlike. Having world buffs disabled is the closest this game has felt like to retail since I started playing on private servers (my guild raided on the weekend when naxx was released and I had a chance to join them for a few bosses). Am I saying they should remove flasks? No. Am I saying they should remove world buffs forever? No. Why the hell did I bother posting this then? Just to give another perspective and maybe something to think about. TBC solves most of these problems and apparently it's coming eventually. I'll just wait for that.
  2. Armilus


    This. It's not a gold sink and the AH price does not reflect supply and demand. There is no actual 'lotus mafia' but there are a LOT of players who hoard lotus and artificially inflate the price. It's not an organized thing but it has the exact same effect. Increasing the availability won't do anything. When they added herbs to AV on nost that massively increased the black lotus supply yet the prices didn't change at all. Increasing the supply would just cause black lotus to be the new currency instead of gold. What they need is a black lotus sink. Make a quest or something where you can turn in 2 black lotus and get 1-3 random flasks + a high chance for a level 40-60 BOE epic and guaranteed blue or something. Just anything to make it worth turning in the piles of black lotus people have. Even if they just started posting the number of black lotus collected vs consumed and the number sitting in player banks every week it would probably fix a lot of the problem.
  3. Scuba Cops has raided a few times with fire mages now and we have always used PI extensively. I don't believe we've ever managed to accidentally trigger this bug. Maybe we are just really lucky but from our experience it's not something you can do by accident. I would be interested to hear if Dreamstate and Coalition have similar experience.
  4. Armilus

    Horde Guild Reign

    Now that we finally have some common ground, perhaps we can become the best of friends?
  5. Armilus

    AQ40 server first

    Team blue carries the raid. Fuck team yellow, those guys are assholes. At least team green knows their place.
  6. Going again on Monday! Bring your game face!
  7. Clearing MC in about 2 hours. We're going again on Monday, February 20th!
  8. Armilus

    Prot Warrior Guide by Armilus v2

    Depends on the situation really. When you are fully buffed it's more like 7-8k HP so it's closer to an extra 400HP. Still nothing crazy but if your guild doesn't have the best DPS or healers, it's more useful than anything else. On the other hand, if your guild has crazy min/max DPS you might want an orc MT using an axe for the extra weapon skill. In the end, gear and skill are more important than race for tanking but if you do want the best race for the not-dying aspect of tanking, then ya tauren is technically the best for horde.
  9. Scuba Cops is now hosting Alt/PUG MC runs every Monday at 8PM EST (2AM Server time). Loot is +1, main spec over off spec with a reset at Domo. Recipes, legendaries and non-set BOE's are reserved. We start forming at 8PM EST in IF and require at least mostly BiS pre-raid gear. /poke Fervent or Armilus on the IF bridge for gear inspection. Please try to bring an Aqual Quintessence if possible. We've hosted a few pug MC's already and all of been quick, smooth runs.
  10. Armilus

    How to handle the fixed rage system.

    Technically it's 5.6% for yellow attacks and 8.6% for white attacks on raid bosses when you are NOT dual wielding. If you ARE dual wielding then it's 8.6% for yellow attacks and like 20%+ for white attacks (I don't bother remembering because it is not worth obtaining white hit cap when dual wielding). I believe ranged attacks are different. For many things I would dig up sources to prove this to you but in this case it's such common knowledge and it's extremely easy to test. If you really don't want to believe me or anyone else that's been playing vanilla wow for the last 4 years, download the recap addon and test it yourself. If you want some more to think about, consider this: you have a 40% chance to get a glancing blow on your white attacks vs bosses. Weapon skill does not reduce this chance, it only increases the damage of a glancing blow. What happens when you have a 40% chance to glance, a 5.6% chance to be dodged, a 24% chance to miss and a 35% chance to crit?
  11. Armilus

    How to handle the fixed rage system.

    You only need 5% hit to prevent your yellow attacks from missing. 8% is for white attacks. Also the way that PPM works for enchant procs in vanilla is a bit different than in TBC. The PPM is only used to set the proc chance based on weapon speed. AKA, there is no internal cooldown, you can get two procs in a row, unlike in TBC where PPM also has an internal cooldown component. Keep in mind that warriors were getting a ridiculous amount of rage from raid bosses. It's not like we are going from JUST enough rage to <50% of what we need. You won't be able to spam heroic strike anymore, which is a big hit to threat output, BUT you should still be able to spam sunder, revenge and shield slam on raid bosses. As long as you have enough rage for that, you don't have to go crazy looking for a weapon that will generate maximum rage because that small increase isn't going to be enough to suddenly let you spam heroic strike. I would put it like this: - If you don't have enough rage to spam shield slam/revenge/sunder, then crusader is probably best because it will increase your rage generation - If you have enough rage to spam shield slam/revenge/sunder, then cruader isn't nearly as beneficial, I'd look at 15 agi or maybe lifestealing over crusader If anyone likes theorycrafting, you should look into 1.3 speed dagger with flurry spec. Spam heroic strike, use revenge and just enough sunder to keep up a 5 stack (or have another warrior do that). I haven't done the math on it, but that might actually be viable. Edit: Napkin math says heroic strike spam + revenge uses ~12.8 rage per second for at best about 500 threat per second and generates no rage from auto attacks. Shield slam/revenge/sunder uses ~9.8 rage per second for ~417 threat per second + rage generation from auto attacks that can be used for heroic strikes. I'm confident that heroic strike with 1.3 dagger is never going to be viable for MT again BUT, you can spec 31 points into fury and still be a solid off tank http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LhZVVuV0xoVoxfzox Not something I would bother messing around with but maybe it appeals to somebody out there. Would be decent for a warrior that spends half the raid tanking and half on DPS but in that case you should probably be spamming hamstring with nightfall.
  12. Armilus

    Prot Warrior Guide by Armilus v2

    You are right that 5% HP is rarely needed, however; with a free 5% HP you can change your gear a bit to have less stamina and more hit/crit/dodge/parry/armor/defense.
  13. Armilus

    Prot Warrior Guide by Armilus v2

  14. Armilus

    Weapon Procs and Threat

    I think I'll try to get a threat value for no +spell damage, then get a TPS value per +spell damage. At some point in vanilla they stopped proc's from triggering off other procs, not sure if it was ever possible to proc off a proc on nost. I believe it was considered a bug in retail and never intended.
  15. Armilus

    Prot Warrior Guide by Armilus

    New thread is up with a few updates. This one can be locked. https://forum.elysium-project.org/index.php?showtopic=24163