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  1. Zarant

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    Have you ever played a rogue? A good geared rogue doesn't need to land 3 backstabs to kill people. Most casters die with just 1 backstab and an eviscerate crit.
  2. This table assumes that the spell caster is level 60, the right most column is the average damage reduction, for binary spells it tells you the chance of your spell being resisted. The resistance formula used for most vanilla/tbc cores, the elysium core included, comes from this source: https://dwarfpriest.wordpress.com/2008/01/07/spell-hit-spell-penetration-and-resistances/
  3. So, imagine a new guy decides to play vanilla wow and chose as his first server anathema or darrowshire. This same guy spend 3 or 4 days leveling by himself, without bumping into any other player outside orgrimmar or ironforge, after a while he makes the decision of leaving the server and rolling on Elysium, because lets be honest, being in a super overcrowded server kinda sucks, but it's still WAY BETTER than having your 1-60 experience feel like a single player game. As far as this game goes, people come and go all the time, but when you don't have anyone new joining the server, it's just a matter of time until the population shrinks like a testicle of a weightlifter on steroids. Releasing new content might bring back some of the server veterans that quit somewhere along the way, but the core issue still remains. I can't see any way of reversing this trend without any kind of character transfer. I've seen a lot of people on Elysium complaining about the queue times and server delay. Instead of offering them a way to transfer out of Elysium, which is way less aggravating than a server merge, they just decided to raise the population cap and ask for donations for hardware upgrades, funneling all the population even more into the Elysium realm.
  4. Zarant

    How to save Anathema

    It's not that simple, you can't just create a good quality TBC server out of thin air. The demand is there, but pretty much all TBC servers end up abandoned after a while when people finally realize that they suck. Even If the Elysium team develop a TBC project, it will take them years to get it working on a acceptable level.
  5. Zarant

    Proc mechanics

    Yes they can, I'm not 100% sure if there are any restrictions, specially regarding sweeping strikes I'm not totally sure if it follow the same rules but each extra attack from cleave and whirlwind is treated like an independent melee swing.
  6. Zarant

    Ironfoe Testing

    Have you ever asked yourself why is that a bug in the first place? Because it does feel like a bug, imagine if you get disarmed, cast a shield slam and get a crusader proc, that doesn't feel right. You could argue the same about bloodthirst, ok, I can go with that. But then you have sunder armor and execute which are both proper main hand attacks but doesn't trigger any main hand proc because of a made up rule, that is, the main hand attack must do damage, which is not blizzlike at all and there is nothing explicitly indicating that sunder armor isn't supposed to behave that way, and which is even more weird is that execute falls into this same category. There are so many things inconsistent here and even with proper evidence, the response to this whole thing is just: Not a bug, nothing to do here.
  7. Zarant

    Ironfoe Testing

    Don't be so naive, of course they know it's blizzlike, if you look at one of their previous patch notes (https://elysium-project.org/updates/2016-12-15),they clearly knew the way it worked on retail and even acknowledged that at some point implementing a half assed "fix" to shield bash. This is clearly an arbitrary design choice, they are just saying that this is a bug just to avoid any conversation about this topic, and that's why the elysium team flip flop so much on this kind of subject, see the whole thunderfury debate that happened a few months ago. This probably have something to do with content tuning I assume, buffing classes, specially prot warriors will just make content easier. And from their previous actions, that is kind of consistent, when they inherited the nost core they made some effort to make Ironfoe not as good as other raid weapons. By indirectly increasing its proc rate, ironfoe might be viable once again, specially for tanking.
  8. Zarant

    Ironfoe Testing

    In order to trigger any kind of main hand procs, the spell itself must require a melee weapon and it must do some kind of damage. Which excludes spells like sunder armor, bloodthirst, pummel, shield slam and thunder clap. There are exception to this rule, like seal of righteousness for example, but as far as warriors are concerned, the only spells that doesn't follow those simple rules are execute and shield bash. Shield bash is manually coded as an exception to this rule and can trigger main hand procs. For some reason shield slam doesn't behave like shield bash, despite having evidence from the 2.0 patch notes indicating that both shield slam and shield bash should both trigger main hand procs. Execute is split into two spells, the first spell does 0 damage, it only checks if you can actually cast execute, it checks if you have the minimum amount of rage and a melee weapon, and if those conditions are met, it triggers a second spell. The second execute spell behaves like bloodthirst, the spell itself doesn't require a melee weapon and therefore, can't trigger any main hand weapon effects. However, the second execute spell can only be cast through the first execute spell. So execute is a 2 pronged spell, one that does no damage and require a melee weapon, and a second spell that does damage but doesn't require a melee weapon. I made bug reports about that in the past but for some unknown reason they were dismissed without any kind of explanation.
  9. Ok, this is a roleplaying game, imagine I'm a mighty mage, I spent my early days at the stormwind library perfecting the arcane arts... and squatting books. Yeah doesn't make any sense. The game doesn't provide many customization options, pretty much all male models except the troll/gnome one tend to resemble a warrior archetype. I usually pick the race/gender of my character just because I like the model and animations. I played a female dwarf priest for a long time just because I like the twirling pigtail animation, nothing to do with gender roles or whatever. And any smart person who played mmo games for a long time assumes that everyone is a man, unless proved otherwise.
  10. Zarant

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    Your first assumption is correct, it does affect special abilities the same way it affects regular melee hits Source: https://github.com/elysium-project/server/blob/master/src/game/Objects/Unit.cpp#L2724
  11. Zarant

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    Execute is handled by the elysium core as an ordinary melee ability that requires no melee weapon. It doesn't benefit from weapon skill bonuses and can't trigger any main hand procs.
  12. Zarant

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    Spells that doesn't require melee weapons get no benefit from weapon skill at all. That includes shield slam, shield bash, bloodthirst and execute. https://github.com/elysium-project/server/blob/master/src/game/Objects/Unit.cpp#L2777
  13. Zarant

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    You are correct, and I expect no less from it, if I wanted a competitive environment I would be playing something else, fortunately pvp is only a small fraction of the whole game. Some people like the pvp grind, they enjoy the rewards and everything it entails. Most people don't, that's why the overall participation is so low, and as far as world pvp goes, it occurs whenever people are doing stuff in the world, on anathema most of the population is on total raid log mode. There is no fresh blood on the server and I rarely see 5 man groups going on anymore. Trying to make it better without modifying any of its core aspects is a fool's errand. I have seen many dissonant opinions in this thread, and in the end the Elysium team will either cater to one of the demographics, pissing off a lot people in the process or they will just adhere to the blizzlike philosophy and leave it the way it is. If the past told us something is that the Nostalrius and Elysium teams were notoriously bad at solving complicated community driven issues, in my opinion they should just leave the way it is.
  14. Zarant

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    The whole vanilla pvp system is fundamentally flawed, it's all about honor farming efficiency, if people can figure out a way to farm honor effortlessly, they will do it, they don't care if their behavior completely undermine the competitive spirit inherent to this activity. The whole system sucks the fun out of the pvp when it forces you to do the same shit for 18 hours straight. A good pvp system should reward people for their individual skill and teamwork and there is no band aid fix for that, if you want to "fix" it you have to stray away from the blizzlike formula, which is against one of the core values of the project.
  15. This is a 10 year old game but most of the guides out there are based on pure conjecture. I guess this guide serve its purpose, which is generating threat on super short encounters, I'd never play like that in BWL or AQ though.