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  1. I still want to see buffs on some iconic benchmark fights.
  2. There's only 1 tank, and he should be getting instant dispels.
  3. Overtime

    Crossbow of Imminent Doom vs. Rhok'delar

    Before normalization, http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=6315 use to be better than any high level bow.
  4. Making the items require level 61 makes more sense than deleting in that case.
  5. I'd hope so. But it also could come as surprise how ready it is.
  6. But you're only 7 months into vanilla and you're worried about TBC? I'm sure the admins can find some middle ground in this, but it shouldn't be catered towards waiting because that hurts anything but Elysium the most. I really don't think majority cares about moving to TBC full time, maybe alt server at best for those. But I can see the need of vanilla merge once every server is on equal timeline.
  7. Oh, come on. What's wrong with 4000 population? It was unheard of before Nostalrius came. I've played various servers since 2010 and anything past 2000 was huge. 1000 was considered solid average, while most had 50-300. does a server have to have 10k online and 10k in queue? We had 13K on Anathema before Elysium was launched and were waiting for the fresh server to happen so we can have room to breath. Not everyone wants to wait in line. Way to pull <any> personal cards online, /clap. No I'm not.
  8. Your attitude is what's become the problem on private server scene. I rest my case.
  9. Don't forget that without the original Anathema: Nostalrius, there is no Elysium. Anathema has way more characters on it.
  10. In a week everyone forgets besides those few who are salty about losing a realm first. Not like there wasn't world firsts 10+ years ago, after that none of them really matter.
  11. You don't get to copy anything, they will do it once for everyone automatically.
  12. Optional transfers from Elysium to Anathema for those who actually want to play TBC. But all this really just depends when the actual server is finished. Everything might be different by then.
  13. I don't understand the logic when some players want to start vanilla on fresh server. Then when something new is announced, they just have to be part of it on day 1? Why not roll on Anathema in the first place? This scene has become too much about the hype train.
  14. Only if they would start playing catch up.
  15. Just too soon to speculate is Elysium even alive when their time comes. First come, first serve for now.