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    Fresh Realm Name?

    start on BWL patch. call the server Zeth'kur or Dunemaul
  2. i want a fresh server at nax patch. to hell with the progression meme. leveling is more fun in 1.12 and it would be more interesting to see which guild can clear which raid first when they haven't had 6 months to farm each one.
  3. Yes I agree about the fresh server. Lets be real here; it took a while for elysium to get back up. People had plenty of time to connect to lights hope (or any other server). To reconnect back to elysium would take work, and the willingness for players to discard all their work they have since done on lights hope. I myself havent connected to lights hope because I dont agree with that they have done even if it was "to take the server away from exploiting devs" or whatever. So i suspect that the old servers will not be a major drawing point for elysium. However a lot of people absolutely love to roll on fresh servers. Making a new fresh server could pull back a few old people as well as some new people for a fresh start.
  4. etsuri

    Mob Stealth detection broken on Nost??

    Stealth is still bugged. Its not quite where it should be. Also vanish is bugged. I have had mobs spot me immediately after using it. the improved stealth should make it so i can almost walk right through mobs but they are spotting me from 5-8 yards away being the same level as me. Also i used vanished while netted once and im not sure it even de aggrod the mobs attacking me. Edit: yeah i used vanish and the mobs never deaggrod. Sometimes it works sometimes not it seems. but whether the mobs de aggro or not the improved stealth is still obviously not working right.
  5. Your reasoning for launching the established PvP realm first is deeply flawed. You are worried too many people will leave the established PvP server based on your polls. But your polls dont actually prove anything besides the fact that many people want to make a new character. Lots of people do want to make a new character and will be trying to do so when you release your servers. The starting locations will be nearly unplayable. I Remember the last time you guys released a server it took me about 8-10 hours to get to level 10. It was an experience i somewhat enjoyed because i was with friends, but i do not want to go through it again. Funneling all the new players who are waiting for nost into one server instead of distributing the load evenly across all your servers is just going to make the experience of people making new characters that much less fun. If you did release both servers at a time then the people who want to make new characters would end up deciding that spending a half an hour on a single quest in the starting zone is not worth a "fresh start server" and they will make their fresh start on the established server or go back to their mains on that server. For the new players nost is bringing in they will find the starting locations to be unplayable they will ask "why are there no other servers? isnt there anywhere else we can go?" and the answer whether you stagger your servers release or not is yes, there are other servers that are well populated and scripted out right now. I had 2 60s on nost, that i have already gotten over. I wanted to make a new character on nost and i want to do it on a fresh vanilla server. but If you are going to be making sure that the release of your servers is going to be as unfriendly as possible for new players/characters then i would rather just sit the release of your servers out and play one of the other servers that are well populated and very well scripted.