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    Can't Download Client for Mac OS

    I don't understand... German? At all but that looks like a Torrent magnet link, if you are using chrome just click the other option (it should be "open" or "ok" of some sort) of the window that pops out, your torrent client will open and the download will start as usual with a torrent. If not, try installing uTorrent or qBittorrent, both have magnet links openers.
  2. The new folder being created is a dead end. It happened because the devs changed the name of the server (getting rid of the "PvP" after the name) and so I would think thats not the problem at all. On the other hand, have you tried Leatrix latency Fix? Also test your connection with Pingtest to somewhere near France (iirc servers are there) just in case you are losing Packets all around.
  3. Dranthos

    Seeking players of all nationalities (NON-ENGLISH!)

    Spanish translation here. Thanks for your efforts!
  4. Hey there! Apologies if it has been answered already, couldn't find anything similar with the search function. The title says it all I guess, my brother and myself would like to start playing on the fresh server this saturday, are we free to play together without the banhammer floating around our heads? Maybe we need to fill some kind of report? Thanks in advance!