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  1. Example: Alliance has assaulted Stables 55 seconds later a horde player starts capturing Stables 5 seconds later "Alliance has taken Stables" An additional 5 seconds later "Horde has assaulted Stables" This is how it currently works on Elysium and I believe it's wrong. I can remember quite clearly from retail that if you started capturing a flag, and the flag then changed "status" before your cast/capture had finished, then nothing would happen. You would then have to right click it again and start from the beginning. Basically a base should never be able to become "assaulted" less than 10 seconds after it has been "taken". I haven't been able to find a video of this, though I'm wondering if anyone else remembers it working like this?
  2. Klimpen

    Line Of Sight

    There has always only been a few type of models that have blocked line of sight, trees, terrain/ground and other small objects have never blocked line of sight, you can even go on retail and check most of this stuff yourself. the tree stumps, fences, cart among other things still do not block LoS in wsg on retail, and they never have. Either most of you have never played retail or simply forgot how it was because you've gotten used to broken servers.
  3. Klimpen

    Development Update 25.01.2017

    just look at the videos in the bugtracker lmao. Like this one So much for your 10 years of experience now :).
  4. Klimpen

    Development Update 25.01.2017

    It seemed to have worked like this before patch 1.9, afterwards there was definitely a limit though. We're supposed to be playing with 1.12.1 spell mechanics.
  5. Klimpen

    Is the FOV fix bannable?

    Using the fov fix actually gives me more of an authentic vanilla experience than not using it, simply because back in the day I used CRT 5:4 monitor, which gave me a proper field of view. Blizzard didn't account for widescreen monitors when they developed the game in the early 2000s, but they fixed it as soon as widescreen monitors started to become popular.
  6. the line of sight thing is blizzlike.
  7. Do a speedtest to one of your local servers and check what ping you get. and open CMD, input: tracert logon.elysium-project.org check and see how many ms it takes for the first few jumps out to your local ISPs servers. It's those jumps that you will be able to cut down to around 1-5ms with fibre optics.
  8. Klimpen

    Suppression talent

    it only works as +hit.
  9. Klimpen

    Mindflay issues/bugs

    Use the bug tracker.
  10. I can only find TBC & Wotlk versions of this addon, but I know it existed in vanilla.
  11. Klimpen

    [AddOn] enemyFrames

    True, but it's not like you would use focus in PvE that much anyway, and if you would ever want to, then you can always use it on units with unique name like bosses etc. I think a focusframe would be a very nice addition to Enemyframes
  12. Klimpen

    [AddOn] enemyFrames

    hey kuuurtz, do you think making a Focus frame would be possible in vanilla? Seeing as the addon ClassicFocus already exists and works fine and all but sometimes it's hard to keep track/remember what target you have on focus. Since you've managed to get everything working properly for the BG frames(cast bars, debuffs, hp/mana bar, etc), then there might not be a limiting factor for a focusframe then?
  13. This, very much this. The thing you people that defend these methods don't seem to realize is that if gold is more difficult to come by, then the price of everything will drop. These changes will have a great impact on the fresh server and will result in not as crazy inflation of an economy that Nostalrius PvP has.
  14. Klimpen

    [Addon] DebuffTimers

    Very nice Though I noticed that Drain life Drain Mana Drain soul has got no timer for warlocks. Also which someone pointed out earlier, spells that have a "air time" and apply a debuff when they hit (death coil for example), will have incorrect timer(seems like timer starts when you cast the spell).
  15. Klimpen

    [Addon] Aurae UnitFrames Fork

    There's a small delay after applying debuff on your target before timer appears, is it possible to solve this?