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    Yeah yeah, everyone being butthurt that it shouldn't happen is because of one reason only: denying of "free" honor in exchange for more balanced PvP and avoiding the stomping games. Everybody saying things like "Oh, I enjoy playing team game", or "Only scrubs that suck at pvp and can't get themselves into premade will want this kind of change", you're lying to yourself and everyone else: read 1st paragraph again, that's your reason for raging. If you enjoy PvP-ing with premade, you'll still be able to, just with 2 others instead of 9 others. You can still be organised as instead of one premade there would be several smaller ones. Bottom line - this update would bring a bit more balance to BGs, as it would make things a bit easier for newbies and people not playing as often / not playing in premades, since they don't join WSG and all they can do is watch enemy drood speed carry flags, while rest of the team is gy camping, which is not fun at all... On the other hand, it would make higher pvp ranks harder to obtain as people already complain with brainless premade grind, let alone take that away from them and actually work for it.
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    Basic Questions on Lock and Mage

    Yeah, that's what sucks for hunters.. no matter how much effort you put into it, you still won't be top dps unless other dps are slacking :S That's probably why people just stop trying as they can't top the dps meters
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    Basic Questions on Lock and Mage

    Sorry to break it to you, but you played it wrong than.Your statemen on the pet having low DPS and dying EVERY fight is so wrong.. Half of MC bosses can be done with pets surviving whole fight, but you have to position and move your pet correctly. It has ~65dps unbuffed and can reach around 100dps if fully buffed, which I wouldn't count as low dps, even if it survives only half of fights. As you've said hunter is for you the easiest class as you haven't used pet and just used rotation (and by any chance that rotation was wrong also), so that was in the end just afk-autoshoting and aim/multi every 10s or so. Don't really see why the diffuculty would be the highest on meelee dps, besides the positioning? Dunno why it was underplayed though, we almost always had too many or right enough in our raids..
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    Basic Questions on Lock and Mage

    I have to disagree with quite some points of this post... As hunter might seem "easymode" class, I can guarantee it's not the case, except if you're baddie hunter like ~80% of hunters at 60. By baddie I mean not using your class to it's maximum potential. As I can agree with some huge advantages as: - 41yds range which gives you lots of mobility in boss encounters such as for example outranging of Magmadar's fear in MC. - FD when you see things are going apes#it and don't have to pay the repair bills at the end of the month - Yeah aspects are good as you don't have to activate them over and over again, but this is quite comparable to Paladin auras However... To play hunter at it's maximum potential, you're far from "easymode". What the common braindead huntard would do on it's common weekly MC raid would be autoshooting trash mobs and bosses, and wait to get some of phat lewt, and maybe shoot a tranq shot or two if needed. The thing is, most of hunters don't even use pets in raids, as they would die out first few seconds of some boss fights. This is incorrect! If you spend your pet's skill points into resistance needed for raid (for example FR for MC) and get your hands on 5 pieces of T1 you can get quite nice FR on the pet (+FR aura if you're ally and ask to be in group with Paladin that has it on), and let your pet survive a lot longer. You should CALL OUT pet on AoE abilities that bosses use: Geddon's AoE, Ony's tail sweep, Gehennas's rain of fire, etc. Pets are way too underestimated, and some hunters fear to use them in raids as they can cause chaos by petpulling or not dismissing when taking shortcuts, but if played correctly, hunters have high skill ceiling as you have to play your hunter and your pet at same time. Their damage is kinda bugged here on nostalrius (Lupos's shadow dmg isn't scripted correctly), and is lower as it should be. And yes, wolf's furious howl was tested and if played correctly having pet up and dps-ing would result in bigger DPS output than just having it stand by you. Another thing would be rotations, which can increase or decrease your DPS if not using correct rotation for your weapon as it varies on weapon's speed (wouldn't go into details here as you can probably find the different types of hunter rotations somewhere on Nost's forums or elsewhere) I personally didn't had any problems with ammo, but yeah, i know some people bought AV arrows as they were less efficient as thorium ones Last but not least, the spots for raiding are totally different for every person, but since only like 2-4 hunters are needed for raid, I'd say it's harder to get spot than let's say healers, but easier than Rogue or Fury Warr, so it depends on guild's need and your personal dedication So yeah... hunters are easy to play, but so can be healer if you're not downranking your spells = you're baddie, and is far from being easymode.. That kind of thinking gave hunters overall bad reputation and prejudices.