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  1. Mergun

    any active RP alliance guilds on the pvp server?

    Check out a a guild called The Order on Alliance side!
  2. Mergun


    I am glad you asked! So an in-game RP channel is always great. On Nost PvE it is all that we had for the community. But given the nature of these private servers, there are just a few things they they cannot accomplish. For instance, we have people playing (and role-playing) internationally across these servers. Which makes coordinating random RP for some people almost impossible if they're relying on an in-game channel to find RP with whomever is online at the time. There is also the scenario where someone has multiple alts and is an RPer. Perhaps they forget to join the RP channel on all of their toons, and then we've no great way of staying in touch! Just as well, unlike the channel system in retail, we cannot go into the social tab to inspect who is in it. Which leaves the RP channel with primarily one purpose: to tell you who has logged on and what their name is. The RP channel also fails to really adequately notify you when conversation is taking place in it; what I mean by that, is in vanilla, the game takes a good deal more concentration and consideration. And unless you go and manually change the color of the channel text? It is gray just like the rest of the channels in-game. What Discord offers (and the RP Community Discord in particular) is a place for people to see who is online now, and interact with RPers who may not be logged in at the moment but not neccesarily unavailable if that makes sense. Say I am spending time typing on this forum, I am here, but perhaps I am not logged into the game because I don't know of a reason for me to be online. A quick message on Discord or an inquiry in the general chat channel, and I am alterted someone posted, and perhaps I decide to hop into the queue for a bit of random RP! There is also the option for coordinating events in advance since we never had a calendar system in vanilla. So for example, with the RP event that happened on the 22nd, it was primarily just a tavern night open to the community, and the turn out was fantastic! We used the Announcements channel to coordinate that, let people know what time it was happening, explained a bit about it, etc. The Discord server also houses at least 1 representative from most of the RP guilds we have come across from both Nost PvE and PvP. And while it is far from a complete representation of all the RPers on these servers or their guilds? Using it, we were able to make sure each guild that is represented on the Discord knew about said event on the 22nd. People were also able to message me personally regarding the event if they had questions! Additionally, it is far easier to navigate and stay engaged with than for instance the RP-section of our beloved forums here. All in all, I believe it brings the community far closer together through more interaction, more discussion, and more awareness of both events and random RP. In the end, it will serve whatever purpose you decide to use it for, if at all. It is almost like we are all in one giant guild while using it, but it expands to an app outside the game. If you're simply not a fan of Discord? I cannot blame you. But I do suggest getting into contact with one of the people involved in it, like myself, in game. That way I can try and send you letters regarding upcoming events! What I'd like to see now that the Holidays are coming to a close, is weekly community tavern events. Something to bring everyone together frequently, and offer at least some kind of RP in hopes that it turns into something more complex or elaborate down the line! I am Mergun in-game by the way. =]
  3. Mergun


    As for Capraius and gweivyth that discord is https://discord.gg/pCd9t it might help getting your name out there amd coordinating withother rp guilds wherever you roll! Theres i think 4 guilds on nost pve. But i know many are looking forward to the fresh realm!
  4. Mergun


    There was a large rp event on the 22nd on nost pve with some 20people Crowley. We advertised a little in the rp channel but mainlyised the Elysium/Nost RP Community Discord. Many of the rpers have been usin it for coordination. While no one NEEDs to use it, I am unsure its fair to say theres zero rp when i myself have suggested it to you on this forum a few times.
  5. You can contact Raynauld on the first day, Kyros! Im sad to say ill be missing launch as i am out of town >< But sunday night i shall be around. Feel free to check out and apply on the website or hang out with us on the discord in the mean time! Cant wait to meet you IC!
  6. Mergun

    A Roleplay Guild in the Making (Alliance-PVP)

    I have great faith in The Order, and great respect for it's members! I cannot wait to see it grow and prosper. After slaying many green skins of course!
  7. By all means play what you are going to have the most fun with! But what i will say is that the elysium rp discord has 50 members. And both the order and mithril compass have at least 15 people thus far. The fresh realm was the plan originally as panos' post and poll reflected. However we then found out that the fresh realms would come a month or two after both older servers. That being known, and with the return of many rpers whohad characters on the other servers, settlig down was the logical decision so that we can preoccupy ourselces with rp in the mean time. As for the guilds being on different servers: that has not deterred anyone involved as we are one community. Two guilds wit different themes and styles givig the variety people might desire. And two guilds work to support each other through cross promotion and theintent to make alts for each others guilds. Once again, do play what you will enjoy! But if you fear the worst about rp on the realms due to division between the two servers? I urge you to at least keep am eye on things as the community is larger than i think you might have first thought. Regardless, i am thrilled for the launch and to see the community grow amd grow! Another thing about having guilds on both servers is the great opportunity iy gives us for expose and recruitment across both realms as well. Things so far, look to be very promising. =]
  8. So far the RP community is expandig rapidly! Unity has been a primary focus for us as well as those noble members of The Order on Nost pvp. We have been using the Elysium Rp discord server to coordinate our efforts, promote one anothers guilds, and welcome new RPers to the community. In the end, there are going to be returnig nost rpers to both pvp and pve servers, not to mention new players for whome a pvp server is a must or vice versa for a pve server. By utilizing the RP discord we can keep the community together, have open dialogues about its needs and desires, amd stay on the same page! I do reccomend checking it out, i linked the server in the post at the top of this thread. Thus far boh The Order (Nost PvP) and The Mithril Compass (Nost PvE) have very strig starting rosters for the launch of the servers. And i know many people intend to have characters on the fresh realm when it does launch. I look forward to RPing with you all!
  9. You should really stop by the RP Community Discord, Karodin! So far it's had a massive turn out, and both The Order and The Mithril Compass are looking to have some pretty solid RP upon launch! Although many of us planning on having characters on the Fresh Realm for certain!
  10. The Mithril Compass is an Alliance RP guild based on the Nost PvE server. The guild shall be themed around Adventuring, World RP, and Travel RP! We have hopes to do everything from Tavern RP, to In Character Dungeons! For those interested in story arcs for their RP guilds, The Mithril Compass shall have a number of several smaller arcs, typically set around specific zones or regions of the world. The Guild shall take in all manner of adventurers! From Gnome Warlocks to Night Elf Priests, you have a place with us. Just as we’re happy to take all kinds of characters, so too are we happy to accept any RPer regardless of skill-level. We are an open and helpful group of folks, happy to work with and teach the brand new and inexperienced roleplayers of this vanilla experience! So stop by our Website: http://themithrilcompass.shivtr.com/ if you’d like to apply. Also be sure to stop by the RP Community Discord: https://discord.gg/Ft7E4qU if you wish simply to be among like minded RPers across Elysium’s fine servers! Ask Grukthor, Panos, or Mergun on the Discord regarding any questions about the guild, or post in the comments below!
  11. Mergun

    Rolling on the Fresh Realm

    Preferred Faction: Alliance (Happy to go Horde!) Timezone: EST (-05.00 GMT). My schedule is sporadic Class: Warrior What I'd Like to See?: Casual RP for sure, IC Dungeons sound great, otherwise World RP/travel RP, and just a moderate amount of activity! Even if we aren't a large community, I believe even amongst a few of us, we can form good RP storylines and the like. Enough of which to stay engaged, and entertained.