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  1. Why did you start on a server that was clearly behind in patches then?
  2. You could always push for a fresh fresh fresh server to be opened for you then.
  3. Merging Zeth with Anathema would be the better move precisely due to their timelines not being in-sync with each other. It would revitalize a huge pre-endgame and early-endgame portion of the bell curve, making it a viable option to make new characters on again, instead of keeping it a dead raidlog server as it is now.
  4. void_echo

    Griefing Devilsaurs

    I don't know about the mafias on new servers, but on Nost (before it went down), some of them were routinely bragging about selling gold to gold-reselling companies.
  5. void_echo

    [AddOn] ShaguPlates

    CustomNamePlates used to have a crosshairs icon above the targeted nameplate, perhaps there could be an option similar to that that could be toggled on/off for additional visibility of the selected target?
  6. void_echo

    Demon Skin

    Are you sure it's not Demon Armor?
  7. void_echo

    Raw Nightfin Snapper

    And the empty loot window issue still persists.
  8. void_echo

    Anathema Premades Problem

    Why on earth do you think that matchmaking would be client-side instead of server-side?
  9. Instead of in the actual bans. Hence the public perception of "randomness". Have you considered that you could possibly significantly cut down the number of appeals or general public complaints (in form of multi-page threads where people are speculating on why someone was banned) if the reason was clearly provided either through email to the banned player, through a publicly visible ban list, or both?
  10. void_echo

    Screenshots Are Not Saved

    Have you tried creating the Screenshots folder manually? edit: also, you might have some kind of a permissions issue or something, have you tried running the client as admin (right click>run as administrator)?
  11. void_echo

    Randomise respawn timers for recipes

    On Nostalrius, some people used to have lvl1 alts named after the recipe/schematic/whatever rare vendor item in question, so that they would at a glance know what they were logging in to snatch before everyone else. It was really ridiculous.
  12. Of course. But without transparency and clearly stated ban reasons, it appears random to the players, which is what people mean when they say "random". Especially combined with known cases of people who have been wrongfully banned and then unbanned only after their entire guilds started hassling every single GM they could find to actually look into the case...
  13. void_echo

    Fix bugged pet names.

    Warlock summons (and hunter pets, but those have mostly been renamed by hunters already) being named "Pet" is a byproduct of Nostalrius token transfer, they all lost their names in the process. You used to be able to completely reset the summon (and have to pay to retrain all its spells again) with the /script PetAbandon() command, which they for some reason removed in the last patch despite it being Blizzlike. Apparently a fix for the names is in the works, but who knows what it will entail. "Unknown" is a purely visual bug that you can fix by restarting the client.
  14. This doesn't mean anything. Everything happens "for a reason", it's all part of some greater cosmic causality.