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  1. My brother started leveling here about a week ago and I've seen him in dead mines, stockades and rfk. Based off his experience ,I'd say yes there are low level dungeon groups. A new batch of people rolled on Anathema for the tbc hype.
  2. Hi there ElysiumProject, <Scuba Cops> is a North American raiding guild on Anathema. We are recruiting exceptional players, regardless of class openings. If you believe you can add to our roster please apply. We're the top NA guild between both Horde & Alliance in terms of both PvE and PvP. Fun PvP videos we've become known for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idZNoAa3-xk (Scuba Cops - Raid Wiping) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eOqxUySqtE (Scuba Cops v. Reign - Ambush Training) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4go53HvtEGQ (Scuba Cops Operation Ogrimmar) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElPnhVouh_Q&feature=youtu.be (Anathema - Scuba Cops Ogrimmar Wipe) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSh-h_Pdamk&feature=youtu.be (Scuba Cops Silithus PVP - Operation: Bugs Are Friends Too) Raid Streamers: Raserisk - Warlock: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkQdjATUIMPRiV9_a3xer6Q/videos Chaka - Rogue: https://www.twitch.tv/chakaog Casa - Druid: https://www.twitch.tv/casacasa123 Forest - Warrior: https://www.twitch.tv/forest_eye Guild History: <Scuba Cops> is a well established guild, that has a deep history. Scuba Cops is constructed of top players from Maple Syrup and Exiled from Nostalrius. We have competed with the top guilds on every server we've played on and intend to make that our goal on Anathema. Throughout our time on private servers we have been able to accumulate a PhD level of vanilla knowledge. Our leadership has experience through the majority of Naxx. Our time spent together has given the guild chemistry that is hard to match. Goals: Our goals are fairly simple - Clear content, compete for top speed clears, and to be competitive in world boss kills. Our goal is essentially to be the top guild on Anathema. We will achieve this through hard work, dedication and being massive nerds! Raid Schedule: Wednesday / Thursday / Monday 8:30-12:30 EST (Monday will only be used as a progression night) We require that raiders keep above 90% attendance. The reason for the high attendance threshold is due to the need to keep a strongly geared core together. The less people we have to cycle in and out of raids... the more gear we keep, the more chemistry we gain playing together and those two combined strengthen our guild. ZG's will be held on off nights and will be optional, but strongly encouraged. Speed Runs & Progression: BWL-39 minutes MC- 32 minutes AQ- 80 minutes (NA) Server first C'thun and full clear Naxx 15/15 (NA First 4 horsemen, Sapph and KT) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbrYVlww_5w (Scuba Cops - Kel'Thuzad Progression Kill) http://scubacops.shivtr.com/ Recruitment - Protection Warrior - Low DPS Warrior - Low Rogue - Low Hunter - Low Warlock - Low Mage - Low Paladin - Low Priest - Low Druid - Low All exceptional players may apply. If you are interested post an app here!
  3. Having played on both realms and watched the Kronos PTR for naxx I would say anathema is a better choice. Despite what Reddit says the raid scripting and mechanics are better on Anathema. Kronos had some basic bugs (golemag) dropping threat at 10% for months, firemaws buffet not working properly as well. I've also found Kronos' tuning is actually easier than Anathema too. They use a different wow database. Both servers are good honestly. There are some very small differences between the two, but I've always preferred playing here. Kronos has a vanity cash shop and character purchases available on their website, which never bothered me to the point of not playing but it's something that I don't prefer to be available. The cross faction mounts were weird too. Wasn't a fan of seeing Tauren on Mechano Striders. as far as longevity... Anathema will merge with Elysium after Naxx is out and then have its characters copied to TBC (alongside Elysium)so you get to experience both expansions and the transition between them.
  4. You're pathetic. I can't wait until we're together with Elysium so we can just completely make all your lives hell. Your life must be so damn sad to have to talk shit on someone's recruitment thread. Try to find some friends, probably not possible with what an absolute tool you are. based on your post history you're probably hanging by a thread irl and this is your only enjoyment.
  5. Ickus

    <Sanctum> ZG Afterparty

    Wow look at the hotties they invited
  6. Dude we get it... you don't like CF.
  7. How about you roll on the PvE server since all you do is cry about world pvp. Having said that I'm sure we'll have something planned to make you cry even more. Rolls on a pvp server and cries about pvp... as for the decreased respec... someone should make poll since the dev team seems to listen to the player base.
  8. Ickus

    [Need help account bug]

    There's a section under the support sub forum to remove your authenticator. Should walk you through the process
  9. It's not too far fetched man. He's given his data to the Elysium team before with scriptcraft. i support this baseless rumor.
  10. It wasn't even that high in retail vanilla. If they raised it they should just do the normal 50g cap per respec. 200g to respec from pvp to PvE and back is ridiculously high.
  11. @ScottK1994Wait you want 100g limit for respecs? So 200g total to respec back and forth? i love this change. Doesn't effect the economy and it gives people the ability to respec to pvp easily.
  12. Is this a troll? No there shouldn't be another fresh vanilla server. stop it.
  13. @Drain see ya tomorrow buddy!!! Looking forward to our guilds spending some time together
  14. They won't do individual transfers ever, but the servers will merge at some point shortly after Elysium catches up.
  15. Ickus

    Questions about the BC core.

    @killerduki legit almost everything you said was confirmed wrong in the Q&A. Please stop spamming your unverified info as fact.
  16. Awesome job guys. Keep up the good work!
  17. Id imagine they'd do internal testing before either an open or closed beta and update on the progress would be nice.
  18. Ickus

    Any good TBC server?

    You could level up here, do vanilla and wait for TBC here.
  19. There's nothing to sue blizzard over. They own the IP, plus when you sign the terms of use you're also agreeing to any alterations to the games current form. Blizzard isn't stupid... they have all their bases covered.
  20. I think wrath would probably resonate with the current retail community better than tbc and vanilla. However there is a totally untapped market of people that would only want to play vanilla and tbc on legacy servers. although it's probably a moot point since blizzard won't do legacy until current wow is run totally dry. the 7 developers ppl are talking about being dedicated to legacy isn't involving wow. It's primarily for games like D2 and Starcraft.
  21. Ickus

    <Untold Story> NA is recruiting!

    I'm excited to spend every Tuesday and Thursday night with you guys. See ya Tuesday guys!