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  1. I have used this addon for a 1-2 months now and its perfect at what it does. The simple UI unlock/mover is perfect and the module system is great if you want to swap out features with other addons.
  2. Just look around. If you download a pack of addons that you don't understand it will be a mess to get it working the way you want. I can recommend a few addons: These are just the basics. Check out Github Vanilla Addons or wow-vanilla-addons for links to more addons including the ones I listed.
  3. Vartis

    Tanaris Chicken Quest

    It will respawn just pick up the quest again.
  4. It is fun to mess around on such servers just to test items and try out content you might never see otherwise. I seem to remember this pack " Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack " being rather good and easy to set up although it is 3.3.5 . I'm sure there are good vanilla versions around as well.
  5. As stated above. Servers exist that allow for faster leveling, gold and honor. Elysium is blizzlike just as Nostalrius was blizzlike and I prefer it that way.
  6. This is a great step forward but I highly recommend allowing transfers as a way to help stabilize the population even further.
  7. Vartis

    New Server - Horrible Idea

    I couldn't be bothered to read every post but when there is 8k people online and 10k+ in queue i see absolutely no reason not to have another server.
  8. All of this makes me wish they had just ditched the old servers and only had fresh starts. Two pvp servers and one pve would have spread people out a bit more in my opinion. The interest in starting new obviously exists and I fear the number will not drop very fast.
  9. Duskwood bridge rematch November 27th!
  10. Yea i'm not really sure what answer I was expecting. Guess the best we can hope for is that it lasts a while and they manage to stay under the radar.
  11. I'm sorry if this is a touchy question or has already been asked before but I am curious. Is there any plan or way to keep the server up if it gets big enough for blizzard to want to take it down? I understand that the server being taken down is a risk with private servers but I feel like blizzard might be quicker to act after Nostalrius.