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    primalwow. It's progressive to WotLK and TBC is right around the corner.
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    This was part of the reason I stopped playing on Elysium. It's also why I switched from Nost PvP to Nost PvE. For me, gathering-crafting is 50% of the game. When that ceases to be an option, 50% of my fun is gone. On Nost PvP I would spend hours camping on one plaguebloom node...and I realized..this is fucking crazy. On Elysium I would spend 1-2 hours each day, riding through zones to collect herbs and each time come away with a tiny handful. I don't know if that's the way it was on Vanilla since I didn't play back in the day. I do know, it's not fun or immersive, it's a drag. Aside from that I found myself just waiting for ZG to come out for some entertainment and I found waiting isn't immersive or fun either. My guild is carrying on, and they're perfectly content. Me, I'm moving on to more of a "fun" server with TBC. Enough vanilla for me already. Had 2 years of fun playing...I want to see TBC already! Having it on the horizon to suddenly dissapear THREE TIMES NOW, tells me it's time to move on. : )
  3. That guild appears to have been auto-disbanded. There's many people in world chat trying to figure out what went wrong. I'm not going to speculate as I have no idea other than what previous guildies believe to be the case. Use your friends list to find previous guildies and get together. I'll take refugees at our guild Logic as well. We are social, active, and International. I'm just starting this thread, so you guys have a place to meet if you like and figure out some kind of plan.
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    Keep getting "Disconnected from server" when logging on

    If there is a different server you'd prefer to play on, Elysium being online doesn't hinder your ability to go there. This makes no sense whatsoever.
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    Can't launch game on my mac

    Did you create a game account? Does your realmlist.wtf file have this information: set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org
  6. Ellipsea

    Mouse Cursor Disappears

    Try with all Addons off. Try updating drivers. Here's a whole mess of mouse ideas.
  7. Ellipsea

    Anyway To Download Besides Torrent?

    I believe these direct downloads still work.
  8. Ellipsea

    Download doesnt work!

    These direct downloads seem to still work too.
  9. Ellipsea

    Client Issues

    I saw this reported before. Someone suggested it was the quality of the client, but I have no idea. I can give to you the one link I have shared for a German client, but I'm pretty sure it's the one everyone is already using.
  10. Ellipsea

    Account Creation

    Sounds like you aren't seeing the Captcha button. Try using views to zoom out or in on your web browser so you can see it.
  11. Ellipsea

    The Guild Dharma

    Certainly is, i'm just not going to speculate about what happened. The previous members might though : )
  12. put this in the appropriate forum. Ban appeals. Get your account information out of this public forum.
  13. Ellipsea

    Tech Support Pls

    Yes you can just send him the missing files. Yes he can throw the folder in the trash. If he needs a different download, these clients appear to still download.
  14. Ellipsea

    stuck on launch

    Did you create a game account? Make sure you are operating as administrator. Right click wow.exe and set to administrator. Make sure you are launching from wow.exe and not any launcher if you have one. If the wow folder is in program files, move it out of there. Does your realmlist.wtf say: set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org ? if not, use notepad to write that in there. If it already did, you can try using the IP address instead: set realmlist and Pottu's post about DirectX
  15. Ellipsea

    My staff is a good one

    I followed these steps, ty.
  16. Ellipsea

    Problem with Mac client

    Could be some previous settings issues. Did you try throwing away the WTF folder?
  17. This new little conspiracy was just created in this thread. Like y'all sitting around mulling over some new way to trash staff. Shenna already said there's little activity in the paypal donations. Don't believe her, that's your decision for whatever reason. And after she posts more information to your satisfaction, someone would manufacture some other new conspiracy and never fucking stop.
  18. Ellipsea

    Can't create new account in "play now"

    It's not working right now. There's already a thread about this right next to your thread.
  19. Would you guys stop? Honestly what's wrong with you? Moving from one conspiracy theory to the next in an attempt to whip up a shitstorm. Go read a book, take a fucking walk, call your mom or something. FFS you won't be happy until you can righteously create some damage via intrigue.
  20. I just tested it, yeah it's not currently working for me either.
  21. There's not much choice in the donation cycle. Um I don't know how they could affect transparency as the funds go directly to the provider, not staff. Not sure. maybe there's a way, I don't know much about this. There is a reason why it's set up this way, they need to not handle money donated for the server.
  22. Nah it's our fault to exercise our supposed "constitutional rights" to be able to destroy something when we feel like it. You know how i feel when I have guild members quiting because they either don't believe in the project now, or they can't stand the fucking whining. I feel like we're idiots. We have our rights to be idiots! Despite the fact there isn't a single fucking one of us in the probably hundreds of thousands of accounts created that were actually touched by, or know of any supposed wrong doing. Nah, We demand the right to destroy something based upon the possibility that there were improprieties. because that makes sense. And it feels good.
  23. We just lost the network and a shiny future, because we're fucking stupid. Congrats everyone. Well done. Innuendo and conspiracy theories are so much more rewarding.