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    <Reign> NA Horde 9/9 AQ

    Glad to see you guys going out with a "bang" with a good ole fashion brawl with the Scuba Cops in Silithus tonight. We had a good time with it.
  2. Mother of God. Be legends. Plx.
  3. Prancinglid

    Zeth'Kur transfers

    Yea, rerolling and starting fresh on old fresh because the new fresh got killed is the freshest thing that anyone could possibly do.
  4. Prancinglid

    Zeth x-fer

    Well if your friends really wanted to play with you and knew that you would be unavailable to choose your own server, maybe they shouldn't be scumlord friends and ditch you? Maybe you will find new travelers (better than your old ones) and you will become an even greater hero of Azeroth than you were before. Kings Honor, friend.
  5. Prancinglid

    Zeth x-fer

    Your characters aren't gone, so there is no reason to need to start from scratch. For one, it is a free to play server and you are entitled to nothing. Secondly, the removal of Zeth'Kur is a decision that is best for the community. Third, the public announcement about the server shutdown was done over a month ago, giving people plenty of time to plan. Even if you knew about the shutdown but were unfortunately out of town for the 2 week transfer option, I am sorry you were somewhere that does not have internet (maybe you are a saint of a humanitarian traveling to a third world country?) or you don't have any online or RL friends that could log in to your account and complete the quest for you. Life will go on and I am confident that hard work and dedication will pull you out of this slump in due time.
  6. He knows they are BWL items, that is his point, genius. His statement is about how when Naxx came out, there were still upgrades he could use from BWL. Working backwards, your statement about a rejuv gem is idiotic, boots of pure thought and t2 boots are not the same thing (your statement is worthless), and yea, claw of chrom is from BWL... what's your point? I'll make it easier for you to understand. He didn't have a lok'amir or an AQ healing wep yet come Naxx (lok'amir is a BWL item).
  7. If you guys aren't good enough to clear BWL, keep farming MC. If the members of some guilds go on vacation, the content will be there for when they return. Less QQ and more play.
  8. Not allowed. Details should be listed in the ToU here on the forums. Multiboxing is not allowed unless you are in a major city with the purpose of trading goods.
  9. Prancinglid

    Shadow Priest gear priority

    http://www.realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=75378 Like I said, I use tiara in AQ40 on several fights and for trash because of the reasons I already stated. It is good and has its place, but in terms of max DPS it is not BiS - that was my only point and just wanted to elaborate on some information Max presented. It goes without saying that max DPS gear is max DPS if you can actually use your standard rotation (including Mind Blast on CD) during the entire fight without going OOM. Just trying to layout the facts so there isn't any misinformation in this thread for those seeking info. And yes, Dark Gauntlets are what some would say are part of an "unrealistic" BiS list for spriests since they are a bigger upgrade for mages and locks, but they are BiS none the less. Cloak of the devoured isn't unrealistic because assuming your locks and mages have their ZG cloak, the additional spell damage and int isn't that big of an upgrade for them compared to a lot of the other gear that comes out of AQ40 (belt, emps neck, emp OH, visc MH, tier gear, etc.)
  10. Prancinglid

    Shadow Priest gear priority

    Dark storm gauntlets would be BiS over Tiara in terms of hit gear. Bloodvine legs would also still be better of Tiara unless you have Kazz legs since Hexxers is more DPS. Tiara is nice for AQ; I use it over Hexxers for AQ40 for the stats. The extra health, mana, and mp5 is well worth the small DPS loss for lots of boss and trash fights where there is a possibility of taking lots of damage, but in terms of damage it is still not "BiS"
  11. Prancinglid

    Shadow Priest gear priority

    In short, you are in a PUG and an item dropped for you that is 2nd BiS (next to a world boss drop). You have every right to roll on that item. Yes, it is a bigger upgrade for mages IF they have the gear to break BV. Warlocks shouldn't be big contenders on that item because their BiS gear set right now includes BV with full t2.5 being very close to that (in which case they use t2.5 legs). On another note, though, do you have neltharion's tear? If not, I don't see how you have sufficient pre-raid and not need to be using BV legs.
  12. Okay, great. I appreciate the swift response. I just wanted to make sure that the people complaining in this thread are in fact morons without a real life purpose. Carry on.
  13. Am I missing something in this conversation? You have nearly a month heads up of the server transfer option and shutdown. You have the ability to transfer your character to ANY server you want in a 2 week window. If you don't CHOOSE what server you WANT to transfer to in that 2 week window, you automatically have your character transferred and saved to Anathema where you can play it whenever you like at a future date. Is this wrong?
  14. Prancinglid

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    Great, thanks. I will review this tomorrow and mess around with it. And to anyone else that wants to use this, MAKE A COPY OF THE SPREADSHEET BEFORE MODIFYING VALUES.
  15. Prancinglid

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    Do you mind sharing your spreadsheet?
  16. Prancinglid

    Mind Flay only ticking 2x instead of 3x?

    Yea, now that they are done with 1.9 and pushing fixes we need to keep pestering for this fix!
  17. Prancinglid

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    I would say anywhere from 2-5 SP can be equal to one crit depending on numerous factors. You would need a gear/DPS spreadsheet (calculator) to get an accurate number that accounts for your gear set, consumables, world buffs, talents, etc.
  18. Prancinglid

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    Not sure where to start on trying to help you out, tbh. To me it sounds like you are interested in two different things that are conflicting. In short, I don't think you should even consider looking at crit unless you are wanting to min/max your damage. If that is the case, then you shouldn't be considering not using Mindblast in raids (yes, even in AQ), and thinking about NOT taking improved mindblast as a talent (the one spell we use that can crit). It seems counter intuitive. Going 5/5 in imp mindblast IS the best spec (based on alternatives) for maximizing your damage. People have the idea that 4 points is only necessary because a 6 second Mindblast CD is all you need since you are going to be mindflaying for 6 seconds. However, unless you are extremely focused and have extremely low ping, you aren't lining up your spell rotations with robot precision. You also need to take into account the part of your rotation where you reapply SWP. You aren't going to be able to mindflay, apply SWP and wait for a global, and then mindflay again and try to clip your channel after the next global ends to mindblast again. You are better off reapplying SWP, doing a single mindflay and waiting the 1 second spamming your mindblast so you can get it off ASAP. Also consider fights where you move around a lot (ex: satura), get spell pushback (ex: vael/firemaw), and quick single target switches (ex: razorgore, cthun) - all of these fights benefit from being able to Mindblast as often as possible. Do you want to do the most damage you possibly can, or do you want to do less damage but have more stats for survivability and mana sustain?
  19. Grats! Good things ZG buff persists through death :) https://youtu.be/JATVylckse4
  20. Prancinglid

    Final Pvp Update

    Slicys epeen just swolled.
  21. Prancinglid

    Suggestion for a first time priest

    If you like being a healer/support class, priests are great. If you aren't very familiar with the class, I suggest you check out the priest guide in this forum section (it is just above this thread). Even though it has been a while since you played the game, I would recommend trying something new. If you don't end up liking it, you can always stop and level something else.
  22. What did they change this week?
  23. X2 Or if the spots in Un'goro or Arathi are just that bad, start farming small flame sacs and use the regular fire protection potions.
  24. Prancinglid

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    Correct. ToEP is only better if you can use it more times than you could use ZHC. For an spriest, you can expect to get in 8 attacks (assuming you are popping it and going into your rotation of SWP> MB> MF>MF>MB etc.). If you do the math it averages to around 150 spell damage bonus for those 8 attacks. ToEP is a flat 175, but because of the shorter duration, you can expect to only get around 6 attacks from a standard rotation in. If you do the averages for ToEP that includes the 2 attacks you DONT get a spell damage benefit from, then the 175 flat spell damage bonus is actually averaged down to a 131 spell damage bonus. If you have both ZHC and ToEP, you would want to use both for fights lasting under 60 seconds (generally speaking)
  25. Do you ever feel like your guild mates just aren't quite as skilled and cool as you are? I did to. Then I found Scuba Cops, and now I feel like a real boy.