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    [A] [Selling] Dark Coffer Libram Materials

    Hello everyone, I am selling the Libram materials out of the Dark Coffer to those who are interested. Or rather the usage of my own personal ones. Right now for the coffer item I am charging 10g which I feel is a very fair price, in fact I'd say it's on the low end but this is what I'm going to use for now, subject to change. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=11751 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=11752 These are the items in particular. They are used for the Libram of Resilience (20 Fire Resistance to Head/Legs) and the Libram of Rumination (150 mana to Helm/Legs) quests and are attained from the Dark Coffer in BRD which tends to be out of the way for most groups and can be a pain convincing groups to do. If you are interested in this, the following are what you will need to give to me so I can complete the quest to get your Arcanum: Resilience (FR): 10 Blue Power Crystal 10 Yellow Power Crystal Libram of Resilience 40 gold The power crystals are used for the Un'goro turn in to create "Crystal Spire" which is used in the enchantment. You MUST trade me the crystals so I can turn it in because Crystal Spire is BoP. I have no problem traveling out to Un'goro so a warlock is not necessary. The 40g is the 30g to complete the quest, then the other 10 is the cost of the Burning Essence. If you'd like you can hold onto the 10 gold until the Arcanum enchant is being done in the trade window. Rumination (Mana): 10 Vulture Gizzard 2 Snickerfang Jowl Libram of Rumination 40 gold The Gizzards and Jowls are used in the quest to make "Gizzard Gum" in Blasted Lands which is required. Note, you can't trade me the Gizzard Gum, you MUST hand me the gizzards and jowls so I can get the gizzard gum for the enchant. As with the above, the 40g is from 30g for the quest turn-in and 10g as my personal fee for the Black Blood of the Tormented. If you'd like you can hold off on paying me the 10g until the enchanting window. Extra Information: All enchants are made to order, I do not just have arcanums already made. I do carry the Coffer Materials on my person however. If the server stability begins to decline during an order or it crashes, I will mail you your items and gold back if one of us is unable or doesn't return as soon as possible. In the event of a BoP item and a server crash, I will hold onto it in my bank until we can get the trade complete. If for some reason despite the above message you feel I have scammed you (I don't scam), feel free to get in contact with Troak or Tankdos and explain to them. The best hours to find me online are: Monday-Friday: 0000-1200 Server Time // Saturday: 0000-2000 // Sunday: Random hours. So yeah, if you're interested in getting an arcanum done and you don't want to form a group for the Dark Coffer, shoot an ingame mail to Twilghtsprkl (Human Rogue) or a whisper and we can work out getting the arcanum for you. Cheers.
  2. Twilight Sparkle

    5/5 Master of Deception broken?

    I think it has more to do with the stealth ability than the talent itself. At lower levels it feels like everything and anything will see you across the zone yet at higher levels you hardly notice it. Presently running a pvp spec with MoD to farm BRD and I'm noticing a difference in how close I can get to mobs. In fact I can borderline stand directly on them. I noticed once I got higher ranks of Stealth the problems with it just seemed to go away.
  3. Twilight Sparkle

    Professions for Rogue?

    Realistically the only profession a rogue should need is engineering for pvp. Outside of that it's entirely optional what you choose to take. Leatherworking for rogues is nice but once you get Devilsaur it is pretty much useless though you can also buy Devilsaur from the AH. My recommendation hinges on what you do most often and taking something to supplement that. If you're in the world killing things or want to be self sufficient on your devilsaur (good luck) go skinning and LW. If you're the type that gets their gold from cramming themselves into BRD for the majority of their played time doing pickpocket runs, coffer runs, etc then I strongly advise you take up mining. Being a rogue it's also incredibly easy to bypass the bottleneck that is Mithril from 175-230 because of Uldaman having two guaranteed Mithril node spawns as well as the Indurium which is green even into the early 200s. You have a potential of 4 skillups per Uldaman ID, 2 once Indurium goes gray but you can easily ride this to 230. Having 230 mining allows you to mine Dark Iron which rogues can solo in a lot of cases. Since rogues also have access to stealth, they're one of the best at running to smelt it. The only other class capable of doing this without either a lot of time, or invisibility potions is druids who next to never take mining. If you're an all around dungeon person, enchanting is nice if you don't have another allocation. I personally take enchanting just to disenchant stuff that is bound to me. Though this is largely negated by the fact you can have a level 5 disenchant alt for greens and accomplish the same results. It's mostly for disenchanting BoP items you don't feel like selling. TL;DR: If you're in BRD a lot, take mining for sure. If you pvp, get engineering. If you kill beasts in the open world, get skinning.
  4. Twilight Sparkle


    Rumor has it this was done intentionally at least amongst a couple of the rogues in my guild. Since on PvE the droprates on things like Gut Ripper in BRD farming were fairly high but it was about 50g an hour with decent luck even without GR drops. Unsure how true that is though, since like absolutely anything else it's pure speculation until it's confirmed. Though if they did tone it down to reduce rogue gold farming, I wish they'd do something about Maraudon for Hunters.
  5. Twilight Sparkle


    Slow mainhand, fast offhand (for the weapons class, this is 1.8 with Swords, 1.4 or 1.3 with Dagger) In regards to the above, dual instant is the ideal poison combination leveling, though in instances and raids I strongly advice using: Alliance: Instant/Instant Horde: Windfury/Instant Technically Deadly Poison is more damage than Instant OH but debuff limit kind of prevents you from using it. Even in ZG when you get 16 debuffs it's still questionable in 40 mans. 20 mans you can generally get away with one rogue doing this.
  6. Twilight Sparkle


    You do have the ability as a tank or healer to do more runs but reservation as far as I see it should only be if you're filling some massive shoes. I.E tanking or healing, especially since you also are at a bigger level of stress for the instance going well. DPS just kind of stand there and look pretty. Put it this way, when you're building a scepter for AQ, odds are one of the first people to get the Black Beetle in your guild is going to be your guild leader regardless of their class. In fact if you could build 5 scepters, odds are they'd all be on leadership or very important people in the guild like your main tank. You'll be going a LONG way before you're giving it to some random run of the mill mage in your guild that does absolutely nothing. Reservation on a DPS, let alone one that isn't really integral to the completion would be like that mage saying "I get the first scepter for my beetle!"
  7. Twilight Sparkle


    Good luck filling a raid when you reserve something since you risk alienating an entire class or role. You can sometimes get lucky with instances and reserve Cape of the Black Baron just fine and do it with casters. If you reserve Striker's Mark, good luck having no rogues or warriors that run if they think it'll drop. Likewise, good luck finding people in a PuG who either have that item already, or don't want it this early into the server. Though if you decide to reserve a tier piece, or any of the actual items at the end you might have a lot of people not even remotely interested. More so when AV comes and the raid drops actual loot like Perdition's, CHT, Brutality Blade, OEB, Leaf/Eye. If you want to "reserve" an item out of a raid the best way to do that is stockpile gold and make a GDKP run and pray it fills. This becomes most effective after AQ release because most guilds don't allocate raid days to MC and their members just end up pugging it for either fun, or to try and get their items after a year. I think on Warsong (Feenix) a majority of the raids held were GDKP runs that tended to be filled with pretty geared people just out for gold and GDKP runs are a really nice money maker when people have gold to drop. Saw a Perdition's in a pug MC there go for 6k. Payout of 150g to each individual off that one item alone. For example I saw a pug MC trying to fill last week and the leader had all the BoEs on reserve. I added him to friends to keep tabs and I don't think his run actually filled.
  8. Twilight Sparkle


    I had to add it in to my other post and I bolded it but I'll repost it here. I don't find anything wrong with it when it's healers or tanks because often times a lot of them are actually providing an important job to the group. I.E they are incredibly hard to find and it's better to see the damn instance than spam for two hours. However when it's rogues and hunters (mostly rogues, shocker) reserving things and always the sole item making that instance even ran then I do get annoyed at this. If you're a tank (and there's a paladin tank who's actually really good in my guild who does this) that wants to reserve Ironfoe, then fine because it's primarily for tanks and you're actually contributing a big part to the group. Though if a rogue was reserving Ironfoe, I would hope that the fact nobody will run it is hint enough yet it apparently isn't. End of the day though, jackasses will do what they want. Rogues will insist on reserving things like HoJ, Dal'rend, Cape of the Black Baron when they make the run. I could probably see something if you were the one with the key vs paying a fee to open the door on reserving something. Though most rogues don't have a key.
  9. Twilight Sparkle


    Reserve runs are good and bad in my opinion. They're good for people who have ran that instance way too many times to be passed up on the item again and if you don't want to join the run, then don't. However most of them are just people who are going there the first time and want to reserve it. I think the worst is when it's rogues that do this. People who are literally a dime a dozen. If you're a healer or a tank and need to reserve something to justify going, so be it. Just don't do it as a role, or class that you can literally replace in five seconds. Although it is quite annoying as I play a rogue and literally 95% of the UBRS runs at least on Alliance have Dal'rend's on reserve. Be it mainhand (most common) or offhand and some groups even go as far as to reserve both. At the end of the day, I have nothing against reserving items in runs. I'm more annoyed at just how many groups do it and it's always the item EVERYONE wants. BRD Emp Runs? Oh Ironfoe is reserved, or Hand of Justice. UBRS? Any weapon off Rend is reserved, if the group feels like going to Drakkisath, flask reserved also. Do ultimately feel the worst for the poor priests pretty much held at gunpoint by greedy tanks regarding Living. Since more and more tanks are demanding every single orb to tank the instance. So priests who have to farm the damn place for their robe pattern are going to be doing a considerable amount of a dungeon where the only thing encouraging anyone to run it outside of a bis item is on reserve. Fun times.
  10. Twilight Sparkle

    Your Favorite Rogue Videos

    The old Vanilla video makers like: -Perklunt (Perkulator series) -Grim (Path of Blood/Total Annihilation) -Mute/Kishkumen (World of Roguecraft) -Shurrik (Shurrik 1,2,3) -Happyminti (Nerf Sap) -Ming (Ming series, and World of Ming blog fame) Are usually going to have a lot of appeal with people and these are commonly seen in these kinds of threads. I do advise people look a bit more into the more recent Vanilla rogues as it's crazy to see what happens when a decade of game knowledge gets shoved with Vanilla. The game gets pushed to its limits and it makes for some pretty crazy and aesthetically pleasing gameplay. Recommending: - "Nyht - 60 Rogue (Vanilla)" (Has other videos, look up Vurtenman on youtube, some of them are troll videos) - Dagger Rogue - Sarrik (Sarrik series, I think his 10th video is pretty solid (Sarrik X) and he's apparently going to play Horde on fresh pvp.) - Primarily Hemo - Perplexity (Perplexity 2 and 3, though they were done on Kronos they are very great movies) - Primarily Dagger Rogue, few Hemo clips.
  11. So basically, it's a rip-off guild of <ZOMBIES> from Season 3 just instead of an arena focus, they focus on twink pvp brackets?
  12. Twilight Sparkle

    Combo point addon?

    RogueHelperSE was one I used for a while. It's nothing fancy or special, it's legit like a little black box that tracks your energy and combo points. Very simple.
  13. Twilight Sparkle

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    Sword build is more well rounded and good swords are significantly easier to acquire than good daggers. Though with the existence of strafe-stabbing the argument of "daggers are bad because backstab has a positional requirement you can't get when soloing!" falls apart. Basically you stand on top of a mob, spam backstab and strafe through it. Takes some getting used to doing but it allows you to backstab whilst soloing without need of gouge or kidney shot. I think on Nostalrius PvE my rogue leveling as daggers initially, I used the BFD sword (Horde only) because of how strong it was, then the RFD and SM swords. Later bought 2 gut rippers from the AH because they were hella cheap (Legit like 15g each) and put off my mount for a bit to have two of those. Best choice I ever made because I flew through the 40s using backstab. At the end of the day, level using whatever you either a) feel confident with, or b) have a significantly better weapon of. I personally adore daggers for rogues and they are my ideal weapon so I will be a bit biased. Though like I said earlier, get two gut rippers if they're fairly cheap and you will destroy anything in your way for a significant while.
  14. Twilight Sparkle

    Sap putting me in combat and taking me out of stealth

    Yes and no. In instances usually not. However I use Sap often in PvP and would even if I wasn't running improved sap because it's solid for resetting DRs on stuns and buying time.
  15. Twilight Sparkle

    Is Slice and Dice any useful for Leveling ?

    While leveling I personally don't recommend SnD unless you're like full HP (Meaning you won't have to eat/waste time healing by whatever means) and the combo points would go to waste. More often than not you just SS and Eviscerate to finish it off. Even if you don't raid is it worth it? Depends. For instances it's still going to be your bread and butter though you really don't use it in pvp. Most cases you'd SnD in PvP you'd be better off rupturing them as it bypasses armor.