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    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    Anyone seen footlockers on Elysium lately?
  2. vicatin


    Would love to hear a dev reply here.
  3. vicatin

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    Checked desolace water boxes yesterday. None were there.
  4. vicatin

    Lockpicking problem

    Are these in game still? Heard they were removed
  5. vicatin

    Stealth Rank 1

    Its not just stealth rank 1 either btw.
  6. vicatin

    Stealth Rank 1

    Made a post on this a few days ago. Stealth detection distance is way too high. It's obviously broken currently.
  7. vicatin

    Stealth detection is way too high

    Have played Rogues primarily throughout my wow career. From Live vanilla to Feenix, nost, etc. Noticed on Elysium PVP the detection is incredibly high. Mobs 5 levels lower and able to pick me up from a relatively far range... Makes doing sneaky cave runs/etc impossible. Not to mention basic positioning for openers. I see the bug report, but we need more eyes on this, as its seriously off.
  8. Very organized during the lead up to fresh pvp release. Good core that should take this guild far. A lot to look forward to. -Maudlin
  9. If you were opening a new business, would you open 3 locations at once, or 1 at a time to ensure they go smoothly?