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  1. Another terrorist attack today in Germany, by Muslim migrant. You want to know what's really disgusting? That everything I posted was fact, not opinion. That you try to smear someone for stating the truth about what real people are going through. It's a shame it's not you smeared under the truck used to kill those people, but random innocent Germans that have to suffer for decisions libtards like you make. It's quite funny you mention Hitler though, as the surge in the far right is a direct response to these attacks and the fact no one is saying anything about the abuse these migrants inflict on the people who welcomed them into their country. If there's ever a Hitler 2, you are going to be one of the main causes. You are sickening.
  2. Wow... not sure if trolling, but I'll bite. You went full libtard and you honestly make me disgusted, I really hope you get to experience first hand the kind of hell most people in Germany are facing right now. I travel a lot and the last time I was in Munich I had the pleasure of catching up with a few old friends (nurse, primary school teacher, driving instructor, respectively). You wanna know what they all had in common? Almost universal negative / violent encounters with migrants and "refugees". Anyone who's friends with a German knows how direct they can be, but I was honestly shocked at what they told me. Migrants that spat / threw urine at nurses and doctors if they were female, and demanded to see a male equivalent. Well over half the migrants that have entered Germany are illiterate, i.e cannot read or write. Huge unemployment among the migrant community, mainly unwilling to work / integrate. They don't feel safe using public transport anymore due to the large gangs that loiter at all hours at the terminals. Attacks, muggins, drug pushing are becoming common. They don't feel comfortable going to public swimming pools due to the molestation / rape epidemic, mainly because nothing will get done unless someone gets raped (see migrants that raped a pre-teen boy at a swimming pool, ended in migrant pool ban). They are frustrated / afraid that whenever they report migrant committed crime, nothing seems to get done. I фекал you not, but they have to travel in groups when going out as it's not longer safe to be alone in certain parts of Munich now. I could go on, but it makes honestly makes me so angry thinking about this фекал. And right wing media? Are you ваууing kidding me? The media wouldn't even cover the rape and murder of a 14 year old German girl by a migrant, they deemed it not worth national news. Or how about the German government that teamed up with Facebook to censor anything negative about the migrants? Like deleting the account of the girl who posted a picture of the face of her migrant rapist? The news is so ваууing left, it's not covering even a fraction of what's happening in Germany, and you'll never know unless you actually go there and speak to the real people who are suffering from libtards like you. I wish the worst thing I can on you, I hope you get get to experience first hand what real multiculturalism is and you get a massive dose of migrants where you live. I wonder how many loved ones getting assaulted and raped it'll take before you pull your head from your попа. And yes, not all migrants are like this. But you know what? The ones that arent? THEY are the ваууing exceptions to the rule.
  3. hotdwarfsixpack, you're a toxic idiot. From your limited perspective, perhaps. And you're entitled to your opinion and interpretation. But not for the people who created Nost. Or the Elysium dev team for that matter. And there's is the only opinion that matters. Thankfully. Because you're a ваууing idiot. This project is solely a way to play a game that no longer exists in it's current format, in the most complete and un-broken way possible. Don't like it? Start your own project, or just fu-ck off, I honestly don't care. I'll repeat this, since your reading comprehension is ваууing awful. There's a reason why these shitty custom servers (that you're trying to turn Nost into, you ваууing idiot) that you're referencing only have a tiny fraction of the playerbase and popularity that Nost enjoys. You think Nost got this popular just because it has good scripting? I can only assume that you're trolling, because honestly no one is that retarded.
  4. Your ignorance / stupidity is nauseating. I did read your entire post (unfortunately). As someone who actually played and raided vanilla and cleared most of AQ40, I'm well aware of how broken certain spec's / classes were for a good portion of vanilla. But I'll repeat what I said previously, you fail to grasp the very basic driving force behind this project. But don't worry, I can spell it out for you. I'll even use crayons so you can better grasp what I'm trying to convey if you like. Nost isn't about making (what you deem) challenging content to today's playerbase in a vanilla environment. It's exists solely as a time capsule, a way to play a game that no longer exists. Honestly, if they implemented your (retarded) suggestions, I'd leave (like I assume many others would). This wouldn't be the vision of what Nostalrius set out to be and what made this server so massively popular over the literally thousands that currently exist, it'd just become another faceless private server with better than average scripting. But I can take some small comfort in that the Nostalrius staff that joined Elysium understand this and would never allow the implementation of such rampant stupidity.
  5. No. If the Elysium staff at some point wished to release a new server with more difficult bosses, I have no problem with that. I wouldn't play on those servers, but I wouldn't have a problem with them existing. But don't try to change the old Nost / new PVP server, the entire reason this project was/is so successful is because people want vanilla wow, not some modded version because you don't think raiding would be challenging to the experienced wow player. Honestly this suggestion is almost as stupid as the one about wanting to import the updated models and really fails to grasp the whole point behind this project.
  6. Frylord

    Reduced respec costs

    When people say Blizzlike in regards to vanilla, it's mostly mainly meant in one of two ways. 1, if it wasn't on live at the time, we don't want it. I.e, changing respec costs, riding skill gold reduction, etc. 2, the philosophy Blizzard had in regards to game design at the time, i.e everything was difficult. Making flasks required to go deep into high lvl dungeons, high gold sinks, etc. Nost was entirely designed around these 2 principles, I think the only thing they changed was dynamic spawning to cope with the much higher player count. It's not surprising people are against suggestions that are quite literally the antithesis of what Nost was designed to be, and would just turn it into another crappy private server with better scripting if ever implemented. And that's not even going into the fact that a lot of bitter vets watched as these "harmless" QoL improvements slowly turned the best MMO they ever played into what retail is today.
  7. Frylord

    some question about the realms

    There is some truth to this to be honest. I was mostly insulated as I played on a RP-PVP realm called Ravenholdt throughout my entire retail experience, but I spent one expansion on a PVE realm. It was more mature, no doubt, but there wasn't much of a community and it was very boring out in the world. The one time I got to 80 on a PVP realm was quite horrible, the level of immaturity in chat is unbelievable but the community was excellent. RP-PVP > PVP / PVE
  8. Frylord

    some question about the realms

    Aye, I've been giving him the benefit of the doubt when replying to him, but from reading all his posts it seem's he's just a troll. He'll probably be banned once he's annoyed enough staff, so just ignore him. Back on topic, yeah, people who roll on a PVE realm are carebears, and there's no shame in that, nor is it elitist to point this out. Some people simply don't want to PVP and that's fine, but it takes a special type of person to take offence at being called that though.
  9. Frylord

    Reduced respec costs

    It's not taking it to the extremes, it's people telling you exactly what will happen. Because it has already happened on retail, and is still currently happening to retail. Nost was built and played by people who do not want what you would consider, "QoL" improvements. But again, if you don't like how it was back then, go play on another private server. Or go play retail.
  10. Frylord

    Reduced respec costs

    Because it's a slippery slope. One small change starts a precedent. Why not have dual spec since respec'ing is so cheap? Just a QoL change after all! It's not even hypothetical, if you played since vanilla you'd know it's exactly this type of attitude that lead to retail becoming such trash. Lots of little changes lead to big changes before you know it. But that's even besides the point, there's a reason why respec'ing get's so expensive after the first few times. Gold is a valuable resource, so then too becomes talent choice. Everything matters and choice is important, wanting to trivialize part of the game because you're either too lazy to farm or too stupid to see this really grinds me gears. People like you who whine for what you perceive to be QoL changes is almost the entire reason retail is so terrible now. And people can get really aggressive when talking about this topic, because we've already had this conversation on the official forums back in the day. We know how this turns out. Point is moot anyway, staff said no. If you want a nerfed version of vanilla, there are plenty of other private servers out there that will happy cater to your needs.
  11. Frylord

    Which class to start fresh with?

    Personally I'd go with a warrior, tanks are always in short supply. But as Undertaker pointed out, you'll struggle to get into raids as a DPS warrior unless you're geared to the teeth, and most guilds already have established tanks. Regarding warrior leveling, find someone to level with, preferably a healer though any class would do. When I leveled my priest on Nost from 10-60 as holy, I'd pretty much attach myself to any melee class I could find when entering a new zone. Nothing beats questing as a priest with a good warrior partner. End result? We'd blow through quests with very little down time, and I'd hit 60 with a nice collection of potential tanks on my friends list. And warriors don't need food, pots or decent weapons when they have a priest shoved up their попа. I'm sure they'll be many healers rolling on the new realm that would love group up to quest, better dust off your socializing skills. Other classes to level are personal preference and all pretty much equally viable imo.
  12. I can only speak for myself, but one of the main reasons I played on Nost was due to the fact it had zero cancer that most private servers suffer from. No free gold / items / riding skill / mount, etc from voting, donating or being BFF with a GM. It wasn't just the amazing scripting the people behind Nost achieved that made the server so popular, and OP clearly doesn't understand this. Storfan is right OP, this is a terrible suggestion and you should be ashamed.
  13. Frylord

    Reduced respec costs

    No. No, no, a thousand times no. Stay on Kronos if you can't stomach the respec costs. You don't need to respec every time you run a dungeon, pvp, grind, quest, etc. And if you feel that you do, you'll just have to farm. Honestly trying to remain civil here, but this is the type of "quality of life" whining that has turned retail into a shell of what it once was. It is a slippery slope. Take LFG for example. It went from a tool to find people and form groups on your server, to automatic group maker, to cross realm LFG thus completely destroying realm communities, to teleporting directly into dungeons. I mean, Jesus. Just look at what they did to respec's in retail, and it all began with nerfing respec cost.
  14. Frylord

    Nost Login Details

    Anyone know if it'll be possible to retrieve Nost account passwords once the transfer is complete and the new Nost PVP realm comes online? It's been so long I honestly can't remember my account password and the old Nost site doesn't seem to have a password retrieval system in place, or at least anymore.