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    Upcoming PvP Update

    Fun server.
  2. You're supposed to be able to interact with a book that's located in Tanaris inside Narain Soothfancy's hut in the very north east tip of the landmass.
  3. Lifealert

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    This. Stop complaining and farm your 100g per week or don't respec.
  4. Lifealert

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    You're playing the wrong game.
  5. Lifealert

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    You want to kill the server just for your own personal needs. Once custom content is introduced in the form of lower respec costs and dual spec players will leave and no new players will come because everyone on every internet forum will cry out that elysium servers are FUN servers. This is mostly because TBC/vanilla servers that have these things are indeed fun servers (retrowow/smolderforge for example). And you cannot look at future content and say that vanilla ought to have features from those future expansions because those features arose from issues with vanilla. Do you want player housing on vanilla servers because WoD has it and the devs experimented with the idea back in alpha WoW? Should we have LFR too? Don't fix vanilla problems with solutions from future expansions. Vanilla is its own standalone game and should be treated as such. You are basically arguing for a custom server because you cannot farm 100g a week or pvp in a pve spec for a week or two. You play a hunter I assume. Gold farming is VERY EASY for hunters.
  6. Lifealert

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    But that's wotlk lmao.
  7. Lifealert

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    But Blizzard changed this. How is that a custom change?
  8. Lifealert

    Spec req

    TWO titan blacks God damn 4 GB felt HUGE back then. I remember when I first got the game it took something like 6 hours just to download and install all of the patches.
  9. Lifealert

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Arathi Basin isn't custom content you dumbass. Something like Azshara Crater would be.
  10. Lifealert

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    What is Elysium known for? Providing a vanilla experience that tries to be as authentic as possible (blizzlike). Once you start adding custom changes that drives people away because now it has become a CUSTOM server in their eyes. Then people start crying FUN SERVER! FUN SERVER!
  11. Lifealert

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Outside of Battlegrounds and Silithus gankings it seems that world pvp is something to be avoided because your time can be better well spent farming items and gold for raiding purposes. This is because of course players wish to be as efficient as possible. Vanilla pvp was different because people did it for the sake of pvp. There's nothing can be done on the side of the administration to remedy this. I can think of one thing however: Make it so World Defense channel ACTUALLY works. On my retail server this is what we used to find and kill enemy players. And then they would call in their friends to help them and then we would call in our friends and so on. World Defense assists in generating content. As for respec costs: Don't do it. Tons of people will bitch that Elysium is a FUN server now.
  12. Lifealert

    Warlock is the best class because...

    I'll tell you what I think is actually good about the warlock class and that is the variety in pvp play styles in comparison to other classes. There are a few options for fun specs and about 4 main doctrines.
  13. I've only noticed the naxx test server.
  14. Lifealert

    Spell damage coefficient for warlock spells?

    Hellfire is a pretty strong AoE all things considered. It's just a shame that the warlock takes equal damage.
  15. How's Naxx coming along?
  16. Lifealert

    Spell damage coefficient for warlock spells?

    Dunno but some of the coefficients are being changed today : https://github.com/elysium-project/server/pull/447 EDIT: I thought the patch was going live this week, but it seems it didn't.
  17. Lifealert

    The Broken Succubus

    being fixed in todays patch
  18. Lifealert

    Warlock is the best class because...

    It's a great class up until you get eviscerated for 2600. Just you wait for TBC rogues. SL SL gonna give it to ya.
  19. My fellow Alliance warlocks: You can get your Dreadsteed summoned for a low price of 25g by Lifealert. When : During North American hours. I live on the west coast and I am usually available after 22:00 server time to late North American hours. However I raid on Wednesdays and Thursdays so on these days I will not be able to summon until my raiding has finished for the night. Where : Anathema How to contact : By whisper, mail, or this thread. Terms : I will summon the warlock mount for you for 25g ONLY IF you and a group of 4 others clear the instance so I may be able to simply walk in, be summoned, and summon the boss for you. If you wish for me to run the instance with you then you must pay 50g since time is money and the instance can take more than an hour to complete. However my warlock is almost full BiS so I can significantly reduce the run time of the instance for your group. Payment must be made right before I am to begin the summoning process. About the quest : The quest for the dreadsteed starts in Burning Steppes near the Altar of Storms with Mor'zul Bloodbringer. The quest requires you to travel to Felwood, do a series of collection quests, a Scholomance run, and finally a Dire Maul West run (this is where I come in to summon the dreadsteed for you. It is the platform where Immol'thar is. Please kill this boss in the grassy area and not in the middle.) Items required for the quest chain: 3 x Black Dragonscale 10 x Elixir of Shadow Power (30 x Ghost Mushrooms, 10 x Crystal Vial) 6 x Large Brilliant Shard 25 x Dark Iron Ore 3 x Arcanite Bar (3 x Arcane Crystals, 3 x Thorium Bars) Shadowy Potion (6g for 3) Xorothian Stardust (150g) (in felwood) J'eevee's Jar (150g) (Reusable) Black Lodestone (50g) (Reusable) Xorothian Glyphs (50g) (Reusable) The items labelled as reusable are the items I have already purchased and use to summon the mount for you. By using my services you save a total of 225g.
  20. Lifealert

    Anathema down once again?

    black lotus farmers crashing the servo
  21. Lifealert

    Hardware, servers, and funds

    not blizzlike
  22. Lifealert

    Bloodvine vs T2.5

    I get partial resists in BWL too.
  23. You guys overtuned AQ now. Please revert!