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  1. Trynux

    Advanced nerdery, Proc rate question

    so that also means the Ironfoe and Hoj can proc of lifesteal and fiery wep's proc? doesn't that make it better than crusader?
  2. Trynux

    Advanced nerdery, Proc rate question

    So wait Nightfall's proc can proc off Fiery wep and Lifesteal?
  3. Trynux

    Ironfoe: How many runs did it take you?

    130 still going
  4. Well thing is in AV if the enemy faction doesnt want you to win, then you wont win.
  5. Trynux

    Zaasu's Mage Guide (Elysium - Patch 1.7)

    Hello Zaasu Great guide! You could however add the Flame Mantle of the Dawn for the 5 FR on shoulders
  6. Trynux

    Quotes by Killerduki

    "It muss be true, so it was in Feenix" /Kind regards
  7. Trynux

    Uninstalled WoW

    How many ppl wanted to watch that with you? noone? cus its shitty. I saw the trailer is like a love-novela that makes you braindead while watching.
  8. Trynux

    Unusual specs

    Me and my friend are Dual leveling Rogues together and we did a backstab crit build for leveling, pvp and fun ofcourse. I backstab then he backstabs then I backstab and so on. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fMe0oxZhfV0dxzZV0xc
  9. Trynux

    Uninstalled WoW

    Are you here to play WoW? Or to watch that shitty jap show? just watch it alone whats the difference
  10. Trynux

    Warrior Taunt

    Yeah its weird Ill see if I can get footage of it, I know about the threat after the taunt, but most times its only like 2-3 secs and the mob is already gone. You should have more time as I remember, it should force the mob on you for a few secs more than 2-3 not sure how much exactly. Can it be that taunt get pushed of the debuffslot and it losses its effect or is that unrealistic?
  11. Trynux

    Warrior Taunt

    Good day fellow warriors. I seek guidance, so basicaly I been tanking MC in Zeth'kur as MT. Sometimes I noticed that, when I taunt a Mob/Boss it doesnt hold, like it doesnt stay on me for the taunt duration and often goes back to the previous Tank. A good example is Golemagg, so we use 2 tanks for Golemagg. As soon as I have around 15 stacks OT taunts it off me and I stop Autohitting he starts his rotation but the Boss just sticks on me like glue, at that point we use mocking blow and retaunt, then it usally works. Another example would be the Garr adds, when I taunt them and start sundering and walking them to the kill position they sometimes go back to the previous tank. So OT mostly has to stand a few secs beside me so the add doesnt run off to him. Is that a Bug or is it the way it is? what is causing it in the first place? Thank you for any Insight.
  12. Trynux

    About to hit 60 PVP spec? With "no" gear

    It doesnt, it has a chance to dispell with every tick. I feel like you never tried the ability and are now deducing how the ability works. If you ever fought a mage you will be happy to have this ability. We are talking about pvp btw, I never claimed the ability has any use in pve. You probally wont agree, but I really dont care at this point just wanted to share my opinion on the subject.
  13. Trynux

    About to hit 60 PVP spec? With "no" gear

    Well I disagree with not getting mend it is a very important ability actualy. It helps alot if ppl cc your pet and death range the hunter. just be sure to use rank 1 mend pet so you dont go oom.
  14. Trynux

    About to hit 60 PVP spec? With "no" gear

    sry mate but you are thinking about the old hunter talent tree spirit bond was changed with the new talents you mean this version https://web.archive.org/web/20041220045941/http://wow.allakhazam.com:80/db/talents.html?category=361