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    Improved Slice and Dice not working?

    Page not found, is it the wrong link?
  2. Horacio

    Improved Slice and Dice not working?

    The problem is, normally at the top right corner of your screen, it shows the buff's timer right? It's still at 9s.
  3. My Improved slice and dice is at rank 3, and yet for 1 combo point, my slice and dice duration remains at 9 seconds. Is this a known bug or am I the only one?
  4. Horacio

    Priest Leveling Guide

    Great guide, though with the talents and build you stated does it mean this build doesn't fare well in 5 man dungeons and healing becomes an issue? New to vanilla and would love to give priest a try out as well as hunter.
  5. Horacio

    Best alliance race for hunter?

    The two popular options are dwarf and nelf, but what is the best race between them for PvE DPS? I don't care too much for PvP, I'm more interested in raids. I've heard that Nelf has a higher base agility which makes it better than a dwarf in terms of PvE DPS, can someone confirm this for me?
  6. I apologize for being rather late to the party. Earlier when Elysium was released and server tests were ongoing, I transfered my lvl 40 rogue from Nostalrius to the Elysium PvP server. I clearly remember this happening because i was asked to change my character's name as the name is invalid. However months later, I come back to Elysium only to find everything is wiped and my rogue is gone. Checking back on the account control panel, it somehow said that there were no characters transferred from my account. Is there an explanation for this and is there any way to recover my character? Or is it gone forever. Thanks in advance.
  7. This will probably come across as a noob question, but I'd just like some clarifications on the realms. So basically there's 3 realms opening, 2 which has the save files of nostalrius servers merged together with the elysium character DB, and one that's supposedly "completely new" PVP and untouched by all forms of characters and progress?