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  1. Another realm with 9:1 horde/alliance ratio? :)
  2. Sagaris

    Stuck at Authentication

    Yep, same here. Darrowshire.
  3. Cannot login for 4 hours. Just Authenticating, then disconnect from server.
  4. "Hey guild, let's ignore that dickhead in 3...2...1..." And innocent dickhead got his mute for free. Nice, you need to implement it!
  5. Same here. I had beautiful "I saw a fish!" sound, but now i must stare at bobber all the time. My eyes are hurt!
  6. Don't you see his class? Rogue! He must steal things, and he is good in it.
  7. It was beautiful morning. Birds were twit-twit, dogs were woof-woof, gnomes... well, no gnomes. And suddenly... So, Nefarian was slain by level 30 night elf rogue and his friends on pve server with closed BWL...
  8. Да староват я уже для этого дерьма Накс хочу, очень-очень хочу. А тут есть все шансы. На ПвП у меня тоже чар есть, но им практически не играю.
  9. Sagaris


  10. It is definitely not Nostalrius Core. It is old Valkyrie core with some minor improvements.
  11. Sagaris

    does it ever get better?

    I dont care about queues, really. But please, make grace period 1-2 minutes after disconnecting or client crash.
  12. It will be disaster, like all other. Where are all GMs when they are needed?