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  1. only UD rogues and warlocks here
  2. cowking

    Factions Imbalance

    nothing to be done about op hord racials for pvp just accept it
  3. why does hord never group up but every alliance seem to be running around in full grps? are Hord just assholes?
  4. I don't see any cloth quartermasters around when were they added? wondering if it's possible to get other faction 1.4 mounts before they go
  5. cowking

    Make Zeth"Khur NO VPN's Please

    cowking supports all races and declines your offer
  6. we all know that as hord we will have 40min+ bg queues at 60 due to high amount of hord doing pvp compared to alliance doing it. So lets not start making dozens of threads about queues broken and needs fixing like hord were doing on nostalrius forums forever, there is also only solo queue in bg until patch 1.9
  7. cowking

    what happened with Force Reactive Disk?

    better to use 2% crit stone buff i guess or frost oil
  8. cowking

    New Server - Horrible Idea

    sitting 6-10 hours qeue fuck that new server ftw
  9. cowking

    And the AFK'ers are back

    if you cant beat em join em
  10. cowking

    New server

    i smell new realm 3 weeks
  11. ban everyone that is sitting 2hour + char login
  12. cowking

    Please Roll Alliance

    99% of pvp guilds are hord cause better racials , people who want pvp will go hord and people who pve go alliance all these posts about rolling alliance is pointless as people will not do it