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  1. simppi

    paladins in pvp / holy dps

    Thats only after 1.9, before that t2 only have +healing.
  2. simppi

    Levelling with a Paladin?

    1. With healing gear he should be able to heal any instance up to brd, later bosses in brd is prob going to be more of a challenge. 2. Use as slow of a 2hander as possible, because SoC proc chanse is dependant on that. Use JotC first and then SoC for dps. 3. Ofc not lol. 4. I'd say I use 60% for healing and 40% for dps/buff/debuff. 5. In pvp, retri excells at staying on target and bursting, but dont have alot of mana to spend on healing, unless you have pvp gear, which u ofc won't while lvling ;P
  3. simppi

    Gearing a Ret @ Fresh Server - Need Help !

    Best pre-raid wep for human paladin, xept TuF is http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=12796
  4. simppi

    Gearing a Ret @ Fresh Server - Need Help !

    I'd say yes, it's easy to get so no point not getting it, @300 skill, you need 8%hit for specials and 9% for white hits, thats lowered to 7/8% with 305 skill.
  5. simppi

    paladins in pvp / holy dps

    Holy can't dps, retri "dps" in pvp is good, because it's very good burst and you can't be slowed basically.
  6. simppi

    DPS/Tank build

    You can't do a tank/dps mix build.
  7. simppi

    Switching weapons resets reckoning stacks

    Not sure what your point is here but elysium is supposed to be as blizzlike as possible so...
  8. simppi

    Gearing a Ret @ Fresh Server - Need Help !

    Lifestealing gives u more uptime on vengeance You should not gear like a warrior, you should gear like a retri pala. Hitcap is more important for retri than for warr, and crit is 2nd most important for retri while str/ap is 2nd most important for warr.
  9. simppi

    Gearing a Ret @ Fresh Server - Need Help !

    Theres no sp gear before 1.9, so in abit over 1 year on fresh servers iirc. Nightfall is shit on retri pala because uptime is bad compared to offtank or melee hunter. It is also a shit weapon in general for retri. 7-8% hit is enough, 7% for special and 8% for white. (Since you are a human using mace or sword, unless you get Neretzek, then you need 8-9%) You should have enough mana to be able to spam r1 conse which does 20dps with supreme power and greater arcane. You should use JoC between swins whenever its off cd and you dont have vengeance up. With full pre-raid bis gear on fresh server you should have ~750ap and ~26-27% crit iirc.
  10. simppi

    Leveling weapons.

    Manual Crowd Pummeler and Taran Icebreaker are shit.
  11. simppi

    infamous consecration bug/tweak : how is it?

    Current scaling is 43% from sp, iirc.
  12. simppi

    Tanking, healing, farming as Retribution paladin?

    To tank you have to have consecration.
  13. simppi

    Leveling weapons.

    Good for you, it's still shit. Yea, alot of wasted time from running and looking for grp, that can be spent lvling instead.
  14. simppi

    Leveling weapons.

    Verigans is not worth getting imo, you will only use it till you get Corpsemaker at 29, which is much better. Also grimlok's is shit, you're better off with Corpsemaker even.
  15. simppi

    Ret Pala

    Nightfall compared to The Unstoppable Force, which is pre-raid bis for retri: 10 less top dmg 0.3 faster speed 42 less ap 2% less crit It is much worse than even this easily obtainable weapon.