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  1. fructi

    Your Favorite Rogue Videos

    5 is nice!
  2. Doesnt ring a bell, but the only pvp I played was AV :-)
  3. Nice! in which guild were you? My chars were: Tyridun - Tauren Warrior Fructi - Blood Elf Paladin (moved her to EU-Argent Dawn afterwards) Rumoured - Tauren Shaman Lifask - Tauren Deadknight Cant remember the other char names, and dont have a retail wow active at the moment.
  4. fructi

    Your Favorite Rogue Videos

    Vivi <3
  5. fructi

    1 Button Perfect rouge Rotation

    Well the topic title is on point, this is the perfect macro for a rouge. But not for a rogue. Rogues don't use rotation macros.
  6. fructi

    Launch Dates (poll inside)

    As much as I want to play, I hope the fresh PVP server will be released the latest, so there is no flood of 'temporary characters' being made on there. Fingers crossed.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2saAgaJ6p54
  8. fructi

    Your Favorite Rogue Videos

    That is still my favorite FF game!
  9. fructi

    Your Favorite Rogue Videos

    I liked the Grim videos: Grim - Path of Blood and Grim - Total Annihilation
  10. I first saw WoW when my nephew was playing it. The first thing I saw was his char flying on a gryphon over Elwynn Forest to Ironforge. Then entering IF and walking around there... From then on I knew I had to start playing it too! I bought my own copy and started a human mage, joining my nephew on EU-Ravencrest. My nephew (who had a gnome rogue in blue's and epics from MC) helped me level and boosted me through instances. At 60 I got so fed up with all the horrible tanks I came across, that I decided to roll a tank myself, and show others that there are also good tanks around. I decided to switch everything around, and rerolled Horde on a new realm: EU-Xavius. There I leveled a Tauren warrior, and to make it more fun for myself *cough* I specced prot while leveling As you can imagine my damage output while questing was horrible, but I was on the friendslist of many people, and they all wanted me to tank for them. Thats how I leveled to 60, being in groups constantly. During my grind to 60 I met some guys from Serbia, they were all real life friends and just formed a guild <R I S E>. They asked me to join them as one of their tanks, and <R I S E> was my home ever since In vanilla I raided ZG, MC, BWL and AQ20. But sadly never got to experience AQ40 or Naxx. Then TBC came around, and I rerolled as a Blood Elf paladin, again leveling as protection, but this time it was awesome. I specced and geared for max aoe damage. Easily grinding my way to 70. Prot paladin was the most fun I ever had while playing. Next to that I had way too many alts, all got them to the max level: shaman, mage, priest and deadknight. And my younger brother had a warlock, hunter, druid and rogue. The things that I still remember are the little things, going into instances for the first time and being amazed by everything. Playing AV's that lasted the whole day (joining before shool and after school being able to join that same AV battle). Raiding MC and having a 'Serbia Disconnect' hearing all the guys disconnect from TS and then also from the game, since ~10 of them were playing in the same internet cafe). And the horrible money grind before I got my mount... thats what I hated most about playing a prot warrior...
  11. Yeah prot warrior is not recommended as a leveling spec, haha! But you will be able to tank without a problem if you are arms or fury specced but have the right gear (meaning a proper 1H + shield and other items that are heavy on stamina, rather than strength, AP, crit, whatever). Then you can always make the switch to protection when you are level 50 and level the remaining levels in instances getting all your BiS pre-raid gear
  12. I leveled both as protection warrior and protection paladin. Warrior was a pain if you want to solo as your damage is really low. As paladin it was loads of fun, as I could mass pull everything and just grinded my way to level 70. I leveled to 60 by solo grinding and then AoEing everything. And 60-70 I grinded in instances as everyone wanted a good tank all the time. To answer your question, it's possible, but its not the fastest way (at least not as warrior, and I am sure you arent talking about a prot pala, as they are фекал in vanilla )
  13. fructi

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Ich habe nur am anfang (2006) Alliance gespielt, aber bin danach zum Horde gewechselt. Jetzt werde ich auch wieder Alliance spielen
  14. fructi

    Comprehensive Race/Class Guide

    Things like these are easier to set up in Google Sheets, then you will have no trouble setting up the tables