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  1. Rayaleith

    [GUIDE] Leveling a Shaman

    I saw this the other day in Reddit. What do you think? I would go with imp ghost wolf first, then start working into the ele tree to get elemental focus at lvl 27: https://classicdb.ch/?talent#hg0uZx0b After you get clearcasting, go back into enh to get 2h at lvl 31 for Windfury. You don't have to use a 2h. Just use whatever wep is best. If its fast(under 2.0 speed) use flametongue, or use WF or Frostbrand if its slow: https://classicdb.ch/?talent#hg0uZxcbz continue in the enhance tree for 5/5 flurry at lvl 40: https://classicdb.ch/?talent#hg0uZxVbdV At 41, go back into elemental and spend 4/5 in call of thunder, then 3/3 elemental devastation which will improve your melee dps paired with flurry. I put 2/3 into eye of the storm and unlocked 1/1 elemental fury at 50: https://classicdb.ch/?talent#hg0umMhoZxVbdV put the next 2 points in 2/3 eye of the storm and 4/5 call of thunder: https://classicdb.ch/?talent#hg0uVchoZxVbdV. By now you are 52 and can spend the rest of the points wherever you see fit. 3/3 elemental weapons is nice for your melee DPS. You can also go into the resto tree for .5 sec off your healing wave. Personally, I would continue elemental for -1sec casting time for lightning bolt and chain and +6 yards range. There are tons of specs for shamans to lvl with but ele / enhance hybrid is the most versatile spec for leveling in my opinion
  2. Rayaleith

    shaman as dps endgame

    Really now. Vanilla raids are the easiest. And you say that they will not invite an enhancement shaman? Please.
  3. Rayaleith

    Elune's Disciple (33/11/7 Night Elf Priest)

    The only problem with this is that you won't get any use of it while leveling, since the "core" of your damage relies on spiritual guidance. So you need to decide which tree to go after first after spirit tap+wand spec which should be the first 10 talent points anyway.
  4. Rayaleith

    Addon for keeping flametongue on?

    there is an addon. WeaponRebuff ffs
  5. Rayaleith

    Elemental Shaman counter

    You mean 180.
  6. Rayaleith

    [GUIDE] Leveling a Shaman

    Thanks the OP for the post. I think that enh till 39 and elemental after this is cool way to level. About the other spec delita1 posted. I think that imp ghost wolf is so nice that there is no reason not to take it. My only concern on elemental is exactly this talent. It lets you get away fast from both mobs (if shit hits the fan) or unfavorable PvP situations!
  7. Rayaleith

    Elemental leveling wpvp

    Since I don't want to play full enh and I completely agree that without reduce cast time of LB/CL things will be shit, how about this till 39: 1- first 11 to enh for the option to have 2H and for clothie wpvp and the delicious -cast time on ghost wolf, 2- switch to elemental for some shock dmg, fire totem dmg and elemental focus 3- either stay elem or resto for some goodies there or switch (2) with resto for +hit will this be bearable?
  8. Rayaleith

    Elemental leveling wpvp

    Are you leveling enhancement till 40?
  9. Rayaleith

    Orb of Orahil quest broken

    So you need to cleanse it to Tabetha BEFORE giving anything back.
  10. Rayaleith

    Elemental leveling wpvp

    Any input of how to deal with wpvp when leveling elemental?
  11. Rayaleith

    Orb of Orahil quest broken

  12. Rayaleith

    Orb of Orahil quest broken

    To add to this, I cannot even take the quest from the chick at level 36
  13. Rayaleith

    Orb of Orahil quest broken

    First q: Did you do it at 35? And 2nd what do you mean the "wrong way"?
  14. Rayaleith

    Knowledge of the Orb of Orahil

    Hey. What level did you get your "Knowledge of the Orb of Orahil" quest? Everywhere says 35 but it is still silver "!".
  15. Hello there. In all forums and vanillagaming, "Knowledge of the Orb of Orahil" (the warlock quest) says it requires level 35 to get it. Still the quest giver has a silver "!". Can you please fix it?