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  1. Perhaps be a bit more creative and play something other than an undead rogue. You might get a raid spot then.
  2. AshixBorden

    2 days resurrection sickness

    I logged on 10 days ago to find I have 12 days of resurrection sickness. I thought it might be a bug so I logged out and came back today to see I still have 47 hours of resurrection sickness. I'm unable to play at all like this, so can you please remove it.
  3. AshixBorden

    2FA removal

    Trying to get my account back, I need to remove the 2FA but I'm getting no replies from PM's I've sent. I don't have the original email and I've lost the authenticator which is on my old phone. Can I get some help please?
  4. AshixBorden

    Talent respec decay

    Directly from the patch 1.11 notes. - The cost to unlearn talents will now decay over time. This cost will be reduced by a rate of 5 gold per month to a minimum of 10 gold.
  5. AshixBorden

    Conspiracy theory

    You spelt Griffin wrong.
  6. AshixBorden

    Development Update 08.02.2017

    Good stuff.
  7. AshixBorden

    HD models for Classic

    The Elysium Project team is always interested to hear feedback from the players. However, we do have our project philosophy, which is to create and maintain a Blizzlike vanilla server for all players. This means that some suggestions will always be refused and posting them is a waste of time. Below is a non-exhaustive list of suggestions that you should not bother posting: Dual-spec Removed / reduced re-spec costs Dungeon finder / group finder Name / race / class / faction / appearance change services Any Pay-To-Win services Increased XP / Gold / Honour rates WoD models or allowing players to edit game files Not sure why anyone would want those trash looking models anyway.
  8. AshixBorden

    Zeth'Kur wants you!

    Started here a few days ago. Really enjoying the server so far.
  9. AshixBorden

    German Server Language

    German and English are both west Germanic languages, I'm sure you can cope.
  10. Pottu think you could do a sticky at the top of the forum here of what not to suggest. We seem to have an awful lot of people trickle in from Legion and suggest really stupid things all the time and clearly don't read the ToU. Stuff like. high xp rate, xp on/off, multi/dual boxing, QoL changes added in patches etc.
  11. Go to retail if you want to do stuff like that. In fact can you all you idiots who started WoW in WoD stop asking dumb questions like this all the time?
  12. AshixBorden

    How to enable two-step identification

    On the account control panel.
  13. AshixBorden


    There is a PvE server for a reason.