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  1. you had a change to talk about maybe update the pvp gear with zg? iguss its a no sadly? :< @Ash
  2. Abn

    Development Update 04.10.2017

    did you guys have a chance to talk about the pvp gear ?
  3. Abn


    you cant fix the problem really, pros and cons with everything 3man just make rankers fish, dosent really do anything but fuck good old premade vs premade fun, premade vs premade only que, people will 5man group and fish, wouldn't do anything, makes it easyer to make fun premade vs premade tho. fixing dodging would be a great start. if you dodge you're the worst, AKA the newly rank 13-14 LUL, heard they dodge every horde premade cuz they couldnt beat em, shitters like that dont deserve to premade.
  4. the updatede version is. the currently no only gloves maybe for mages
  5. everyone saying blizzlike TIMELINE, well why does it require the rank to buy stuff when it CLEARLY says in BWL patch Honor system reward items with a rank requirement will now require a lifetime "highest rank" of that rank, rather than requiring the character to currently have the required rank. so that should be remove Asap, r12-13 gear is on par with BWL, and get trivializes in AQ, so zg would be a nice time, where you can get a abit use of the gear and replace it in AQ, but i just get the feeling, most of the devs got bully by pvpers so now they just fuck everything up, also with the 3man premade, witch is ALSO ageist the BLIZZLIKE TIMELINE,
  6. Abn

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    Fucking retardet changes to bgs better not make this to elysium fucking hell how retardet can people be
  7. The changes is so retarded. I don't even know. Just when I though you guys could't be more of a Mongol after the rank to buy item I even think nerfing the gear was retardet. Who the fucking hell thinks this would be a good idea? Some casual shitter????
  8. Abn

    Upcoming PvP Update

    is this a joke?! hahaha
  9. We are now in the need of a Mage and Warlock. might need 1 druid, Maybe 1 hunter
  10. thanks for honor on our way to mc today :D good fight. we had to make a Tactical retreat but we when out victorious! ^^
  11. Abn

    Elysium & Zeth'Kur | Patch 1.3

    Any chance of a statment on the buffs/nerfs in DM N/E ( lashers ekstre elite packs faster patrols and anti farm last boss trib) when the server cares about being blizzlike even with right stats on items, why would you go on such a decoy with dm ? is this what elysium wants? I know the nerfs are from old nos?
  12. Abn

    Recent Issues & Future Plans

    right now all the ranker's are in a core guilds. either praise grizzly demise, witch all 3 guilds Steamroll everything, with bwl, they gonna steam roll everything again, you are targeting a group of people that already no matter how much you nerf gear, is gonna steam roll everything, so making the game harder not really. they're clearing everything anyways, the second core of players that gonna rank dont wanna rank anymore, cuz of the nerfede gear its gonna be pure warriors,rogues maybe hunters to rank 12 I really think you should rethink this over again, and come up with a CLEAR plan, so everyone know. They're not even saying they want to buff it again with the AQ release(if they have im sorry, haven't seen it) As you said, a buff to be set mid AV-BWL patch or BWL(1-2 weeks in) would be the right time to buff em again, if you dont, you gonna have random pugs doing some ab-WSG for fun with 30-2 hours que times(at least for horde) the server gonna be more and more raid logging with it too, the cost of FAP/ engineering tings gonna drop in price on ah and so on. there is a reason why vanilla servers dont touch the pvp gear ^v^
  13. Abn

    Recent Issues & Future Plans

    so what you gonna nerf the rank 12-13 gear yet you dont do it on anathema?, do you plan to buff them back to their normal stats when bwl comes out ? no wonder people instant stop pvping when this update came, good way to just complete fuck the will to rank :D anyways, when can we expect the set to be buff again, with bwl? or aq?
  14. all i remember, was going from mc up to UBRS and rape a horde raid 2-3 times, cant remember if it was you or another guild really, but non of thoes players were in unknown and gz you can kill 2 UBRS groups :D
  15. Abn

    AOE MAGE worth it?

    I did it, you might not be able to get a spot to grind, but helps alot if you find some quests mobs and you can pull 10 of em, just remeber, no range/spellcasters.