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  1. Hechie

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    your char will be copy paste into the server as i understand and then you can buy consumes from the vendors
  2. Hechie

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

  3. Hechie

    [H-EU] <Rage> 7/9 AQ 40

    signing off
  4. Hechie

    [H-EU] <Rage> 7/9 AQ 40

    Bump for Fury warriors and shamans
  5. Hechie

    [H-EU] <Rage> 7/9 AQ 40

    Bump, updated progression still looking for dedicated players.
  6. Hechie

    Elysium vs. Anathema?

    i dont think it will really matter what you pick. anathema has the pro that is progressed so you will have a better chance for seening more content fast :)
  7. Hechie

    [H-EU] <Rage> 7/9 AQ 40

    All spots is filled.
  8. it would be so nice if Elysium Team would make a realmplayer for all the players so we can have a stabel server to compare stats from :)
  9. http://nostarage.shivtr.com we have raid start at 19:30 ST EU based Horde
  10. hmm i cant see it any where anyone did they delete that part?
  11. Hechie

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    fastest way to make dreamstate better hmmm kick cryptica ?