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    Orc/Troll Starter Exploration Leveling

    Technically it is only one Hearthstone CD as it will be ready to go for the Thunderbluff to crossroads use, then you only need to wait the remaining cooldown when at Brill (and can complete Undead quests while waiting).
  2. So, as well discussed, launch week is going to be crazy and extremely difficult/annoying for starting zone quests etc. I have been discussing with a few people about using this early time to grab some key flight paths and using the exploration xp to avoid that awful start zone problems. Some of the early ideas focus on going from Orc/Troll starter zone - ratchet - crossroads - mulgore - thunderbluff - hearth to crossroads - Ogrimmar - zepplin to UC - Brill - Hearth to crossroads - razor hill quests Just wondering if anyone has had some experience with leveling this way on a crowded server and could provide some pointers? Secondly a map with the most efficient leveling path would be a great resource as well if someone has one? Thanks,
  3. ohnoseababies

    [ Aus / Nz ] <Oceanics Thirteen> Elysium PvP HORDE

    Count me in, going to enjoy slaying these alliance scum!