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  1. soulzek

    Torn Between two..maybe 3.

    Warriors are the only tank people are going to be looking for at 60. Inb4 "paladins and druids can tank 5 mans with naxx gear just fine"
  2. Hi all! Crossposting this over from Crestfall (which hopefully is supported now due to Legacy Network) http://forums.crestfall-gaming.com/index.php?/topic/1860-soulzeks-supreme-classic-leveling-tips/ Enjoy :D
  3. Thanks Elysium for the opportunity to play the real game! <3
  4. soulzek

    Vintage screenshots

  5. soulzek

    Retail/Blizzard Logic

    Diablo 3 Necromancer approves.
  6. soulzek

    How bad is the lag?

    I was in for a few minutes from USEast and the ping was surprisingly tolerable with thousands of players near me (< 200ms). However, the dc's were constant and login issues abound.
  7. sunday is the beginning of the week. today is literally the last day of the week
  8. a bit harsh, but entirely true lol
  9. soulzek

    Stuck between mage / warlock, who to pick?

    warlock summoning portal and soulstone are far more utility than a mage can bring. portals dont really do anything. its not like raids are in major cities.
  10. soulzek

    Professions guide similar to Joana's Levling Guide?

    http://www.blizzardguides.com/wow/ is pretty good. It goes up to TBC so all the 1-300 stuff is exactly the same still. Has all the profs on there
  11. For such a simple video it actually made me realize that "player-driven content" shouldn't involve building, dungeon makers, etc and all that other crap that devs have tried over the years. It only requires freedom of the player to be able to do things (attack anything basically) that creates content all by itself. It's not like there was anything to gain for fighting in hillsbrad at level 60 but people did it anyways because it was magic. That's all long gone now in every modern game.
  12. soulzek

    A Genuine Question

    since the old servers are coming first, just play there and by the time the new server is out then you'll already know your answer
  13. soulzek

    Why do we like vanilla WoW?

    Because progression meant something and it wasn't instant gratification. Dungeons were balanced just enough where you had to try but wouldn't wipe every single time. Yes, I miss the QoL features like mass looting and talent respecs. But modern WoW has no goals or rewards. Everything is just handed to you with a gold star telling you that you're special.