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  1. bump join the last (and always the best) german guild on the server!
  2. birday

    Edge master not bis with Maladath as Human?

    I am not sure if this is correct.
  3. birday

    How to save Anathema

    Actually it just says how dead the server is. Ever thought about it?
  4. birday

    [ADDON] coolDown (Modified)

    Did you really upload a .rar file in your repo?
  5. birday

    Spinal Reaper to Holy Paladin

    You are stupid. It's a PvP item for all classes, you don't have to feel entitled to get it over paladins. It isnt event that good for warriors. If it were about BRE okay..but Spinal Reaper is super fine on a paladin.
  6. birday

    37.00% crit cap?

    It doesnt matter what your spellbook says. got it?
  7. birday

    This community is absolute cancer

    The community is the worst of the worst. Just ignore it.
  8. birday

    Debuff Priority List

    Well it seems you are mostly right. see here: https://github.com/elysium-project/server/blob/development/src/game/Spells/SpellAuras.cpp#L6294 I guess SPELL_AURA_MOD_MELEE_HASTE counts for e.g. Thunder Clap. Too lazy to look it up now. case SPELL_AURA_RANGED_ATTACK_POWER_ATTACKER_BONUS: // Expose Weakness m_debuffLimitScore = 3; You listed it as "low", which is not the case. Edit: default is zero, channeled spells are "upgraded" to at least 1. just look at the code if you care
  9. birday

    The next big drama

    So they can just go to another hoster. It just does not matter if the staff intends to go on.