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  1. Justified

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Grüße allerseits, hier nun mal ein kleines update von mir. Derzeit bin ich auf dem alten Nost PVP server unterwegs unter dem Namen Hrotgar. Falls wer gold übrig haben sollte, über eine Unterstützung würde ich mich sehr freuen. Bin nunmehr lvl 14 und hätte bereits eine aktive raidgilde die mich als ret einsetzen würde. Ich muss schon sagen, genieße das bisherige lvln trotz all der laggs etc sehr. Auch wenn es mich nervt, dass man keinerlei erze abbauen kann. Lg
  2. Hello people, here is something made it the past that may be handy for anyone out there, it shows every single quest for every dungeon and where to find it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pteynC-HnqwaA-6Y7l2SfCRx7Joaf2YOSAFk0N1u4DU/edit?pli=1#gid=1769371695 Hope you can enjoy it! Kind regards Justified
  3. Justified

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Hey ihr lieben, Was eine Woche ey, und bin endlich wieder daheim. Und was sehe ich da? Immernoch kein releasedatum für den neuen Server? Machts nicht gerade leichter geduldig zu bleiben. Kein Plan ob ich evtl doch aufm Pve verbleiben soll. Pvp habe ich damals glaub ich nur bis mitte 30 "geschafft" und mir ging das Corpsecampen von 60gern zu sehr aufm Sack. Naja mal abwarten, was da kommt. Bin immernoch für alles offen irgendwie, sehr gerne auch beizutreten bei der Levelgemeinschaft aufm neuen etc.
  4. Hmmm, glad to hear the release is fairly close. Wonder if Elysium really takes like 3-4 weeks more if it is "worth" to wait for it or if i should just play on nost pve anyways. Progress not that far so far, so might be an idea. Any suggestions anyone? Hyped for a 100% fresh start, however i cant stand to wait weeks over weeks anymore lol. Kind regards
  5. Justified

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Viele Grüße an all die "Neuen" hier. Mal schauen, wann der Starttermin sein wird. Bin ganze Woche zum 12. nicht daheim. Hoffe also quasi dass der Eröffnungstag da liegt. Und dann direkt meinen bärtigen Paladin erstellen und versuchen einen Vorsprung heraus zu grinden Lg
  6. Justified

    Your addons.

    EquipCompare just shows some exstra stuff, like 0.1 crit increase etc, just pretty much for lazy people like me Stubby is for Auctioneer, helps with scanning the ah as far as i know. Im too old to waste my time on getting salty. Atleast i feel that way. I made my addons on retro-wow its a insta 60 server where u get full blue gear etc freely. Good way to test stuff. Kind regards
  7. Justified

    Your addons.

    I have set up everything i need i think. Maybe some other will follow. here is my addonfolder screenshot: http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=8a3f4c-1480793385.jpg
  8. Justified

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Ich werde einen Zwergpaladin auf dem neuen Server spielen. Während des lvlns ret, dann regulär heilig. Bis ich evtl irgendwann voll t2 dastehe und auf ret gehen kann, hachja mal schauen Denke bis der Server aufgeht daddel ich noch anonym auf dem alten Nost pvp server rum Bin leider ganze nächste Woche unterwegs, hoffe also dass ich die Eröffnung von Elysium nicht verpasse. Ich werde versuchen den Namen Hammertime zu ergattern. Ansonsten irgendwas mit Farbe+beard ala Bronzebeard oder so. Freue mich darauf euch ingame anzutreffen. Werde sicherlich nochmal hier reinballern wie der Paladin dann heissen wird, damit man sich auch "treffen" kann
  9. Justified

    Time to introduce myself

    How did u know im a big guy irl? Im only 6´6 tho. So not that big I actually want to heal. Atleast up to full Judgment, then i might be tryin my chance for dmg
  10. Justified

    Time to introduce myself

    Hey Shayss, Fun fact is, i played the shaman class since tbc up to legion on retail. If it wherent for that i would prolly been doin that (actually had a big discussion with myself if i where to go allie or horde cause id love to be a vanilla shaman that levels and enjoys lowlevel pvp as enhancement.) However i kinda am in the mood for a paladin, thus unable to go horde. Maybe, there might happen some stuff till Elysium releases but we will see Kind regards
  11. Justified

    Engineering 1 - 300 Guide

    Thanks alot Shakgrot. I will definately be using this while i level
  12. Justified

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Also eine Levelgesellschaft die die gleiche Sprache und gleichen Schlafrhytmus hat wäre durchaus fein. Oute mich dann auch hier mal als ein Anwohner des Landes Deutschland Prinzipiell finde ich sowohl ein rein deutsche als auch eine internationale Gilde gut. Falls sich was ergeben sollte, könnte ich mir durchaus vorstellen den Reihen beizutreten. Lg
  13. Justified

    Ello Elysium!

    Hello Pride, Hope you will have a good stay here on Elysium. Surely looks promising with the amount of nice people around here. Cant wait to start Kind regards
  14. Hey Elysium, I just realised it might be a good idea to introduce myself. My name is René, i´m from Germany and am 30 years old. I started with wow in early 2006 and am so happy there is a chance to experience vanilla again. I never had as great as a time in gaming, like i had back then. I played a hunter, reached rank 14 and just had so so many adventures going. Lots of good memories left, even today. For Elysium i like to play a paladin of the dwarven race. I have a couple of name ideas which i dont really want to tell now. I hope i can get one of them. IF by any chance i might be joining a raiding and active guild as a ret paladin i would be very happy. Else i have no trouble with goin holy. I plan on going engineering and mining. Hopefully i manage to get fishing and cooking goin aswell, even tho i normally slack around with those 2 professions. Anyways, i just wanted to say hi to everyone, maybe some guilds out there could have an interest for me to join. My pve experience is up to aq 20. I am good at learning stuff and also willing to inform myself about everything. Else im just a down to earth guy who like to communicate alot and loves to have all sorts of fun. Kind regards Oh btw, i did do aq 40 and some naxx on primal wow. Dont know if that is anywhere close to be good raidexperience tho.
  15. Oh i remember when i started with wow back in like 06´. I created a dwarf hunter, had no clue about anything and just started killing stuff slowly. After i managed to finish the hunter quest at lvl 10 (took me one entire day) i asked in my guild back then, which pet would be a good idea. And some smart guy was 100% serious about me should be getting a durotar tiger cause it knew something that taunts enemies. So i walked without any knowledge into Durotar and on the echo isles, found me a tiger there tamed it and used my portstone to get home. The journey took me around 18 hours in total. I died a thousand times, but all the fresh stuff and pictures just where so great and kept me goin. I was so proud of my pet, went to the battle bravely just to realise i get all aggro instantly. It wasnt growl the tigers was able to use, it was cover (reducing the aggro of the pet) We had some great laughs in teamspeak After that i tamed hundreds of pets during my journey to 60, learned all about every pet pretty much. My knowledge back then was almost as great as petopia cause of my addiction back then. The entire journey with that hunter was just awesome. I took ages to reach endlevel but i never felt bored or anything like that. Reached rank 14 on him aswell. Have to stop now, shedding a tear, the time was just awesome back then. Hope i can get the nostalgia going here, when Elysium is goin to be released. Will be a paladin this time tho.