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    hit rating

    ps, someone should make a proper prot preraid item list.
  2. firkraag

    hit rating

    ok, so it seems that i finally found ppl that agree with me that the preraid bis list for prot warriors that u can see everywhere is just copy pasted from forum to forum by ppl that dont understand raidtanking ,( its not just stacking def item over def item). . ty guys.
  3. firkraag

    hit rating

    Thanks for the replay,and what hit% items do your recommend rolling with at preraid and raidgear level (without gimping the char too much) , since every single guide focuses on stacking +def gear .
  4. firkraag

    hit rating

    Hello everyone. I want to ask your opinion about hit rating on tank preraid and raid gear, none seems to mention it in any tank guides,but playing without any hit can affect performance.Personally ,i hate when i see that ''miss'' message on my abilities and i waste my rage points without doing important threat. So, what do you guys think about this, and what hit gear would u recommend for preraid and raid tanking gear.