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  1. Nuar

    Explanation for the server crashes

    You sure like to victimize yourself bud, get a thicker skin and quit the whining - it's pathetic. I'm saying "technical difficulties" is all the information the community needs to know about this - which is a broad and neutral term, not a lie & and the professional way to go about this. I'm pointing that out precisely because the community or rather reddit/wowservers is sure to rip apart a "lightning strike", this is the internet afterall. I have never much cared, nor blown up anything that PS did, nor do I pay heed to what happens on these kind of forums. I'm replaying vanilla WoW for more than 3 years now and I'm grateful for every server that's enabling me to do so - I just wish that the people running these were smarter about their communication, so they can prevent entirely unneccasery shitstorms.
  2. Nuar

    Explanation for the server crashes

    If you notice how ridiculous it sounds, why even make an official announcement about it. Better to blame technical difficulties than giving an opening to be ridiculed. Honesty sometimes isn't the best option.
  3. Nuar

    BG Premades

    Hi guys, I'm having fun. GitGud
  4. Nuar


    @disgusting Not gonna lie, I'm not that involved to keep track of what happens here anymore. But since those events followed up your decision and weren't stated as the cause for your breakup, I won't /didn't take them into account. Influental guilds quitting on a server, will draw major backlashes from the community we all know that. Plask didn't accuse you of charging back the donation. - It's much rather the ongoing trash talk about a project that is "supposed" to be shady. Yet, the arguments are all strawmans and rage fueled accusations. However after all the drama around the project that was stirred by the community (cancerous reddit boys & alexensual) and blown up to be a huge thing, I'm not amazed by the resignments that happened in the staff recently. Once it gets that far, containment is nearly impossible - and I don't think Shenna is doing a very good job at it. If you played vanilla projects for some time, you should be used to the process by now. Expecting flawless server hosting from any project is just going to set you up for failure. As towards Pottus decision, I think it's a reasonable resign but also a reasonable new ban policy. No drama ensued and very professional as it should be.
  5. Nuar


    Indeed, this is a poor reasoning to call it quits. I'm very disappointed to say the least. I'd have understood the argument of lacking faith in the elyisum team, when they deliver an absolutely horrific AQ release. But having an inflated war effort is now almost tradition for private servers (of course this event is absolutely shit from a players perspective) - But why not just go with it? After all the hardships one experiences playing private vanilla, this is a minor bump in the road. What makes your gameplay great is the company of your fellow players and the challenges to overcome. Seems to me like you ran from this one and it's just the result of a collective depression about a server that still provided a healthy number of active players, but lacked the feeling of excitement. (The result of an extreme alliance bias in the endgame that can be witnessed by checking out the amount of active guilds on realmplayers. I'm still wondering how anyone could be excited in that situation for such a long time.) However I don't blame you personally, I would have done the same thing for different reasons. Afterall I have always been wondering what it would take to stop tryhards /w good pvpers to play the dominant faction. Now that I have the answer, I'm left sober about ever having a competitve environment in this game.( Ok I lied, I'm aware of that for years now) Anyway this wasn't supposed to be a rant, I enjoyed the occasional warsong clashes that were ever so rare. Because yes, it is a travesty how hard it was to get a good lineup to even do this once every new moon. I wish you the best and good luck with your future endeavours. so far, Nuar
  6. Actually that is called racism and while it isn't very sensible it still kind of makes sense. (=results of brain damage)
  7. That is...ridiculous. To figure out that kind of a problem after an entire day screams incompetence. - Not only that it took so long to come up with the statement, but that the account the money is transferred from is a public donation account. Could have seen that coming from miles away, jesus... Anyway, I hope you get things in order and please don't let my criticism add to your frustration. Where people work, mistakes happen.
  8. Yes it doesn't work. Proof? - hundreds of hours of playtime that tells me I'm right. I cba to proof it right now. (what kind of sample size would we talk about here anyway) PS: At least spellhit from gear, I didn't check wether talents are a factor.