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  1. April 2017 called, it wants it's attempted insult back.
  2. Now you fucked up! Officers we have an openly aggressive and combative citizen, we're going to need backup to Naxxramas. All units converge. Lethal force authorized. Over. (Welcome to a PvP server, enjoy your stay)
  3. Forest_

    Molten Core Swimteam EU 15/15 Naxxramas

    Gratz on KT from across the big pond. Welcome to the club!
  4. What do you mean, almost TWENTY people have voted! That's nearly 0.0002% of the total population!
  5. Forest_

    Is it weird to be really excited for TBC?

    ^Just saw this . KEK <--- This one KEK KEK KEK
  6. Forest_

    Is it weird to be really excited for TBC?

    Yeah you fuckin weirdo, why would be excited about something fun and cool? That's weird. Stop it.
  7. Forest_

    Anathema Updates 27/09/2017

    Lower HP for the Horsemen in the back of the room? I saw on the spreadsheet they all had ~800k, should've been lower IIRC.
  8. NA 1st KT Kill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbrYVlww_5w
  9. Scuba Cops (newly 15/15 Naxx no World buffs!) reporting in: The general consensus is we're having a fucking BLAST doing Naxx without having to Worry about buffing 5 hours before raid and remaining logged out (we get to play our mains on raid day!) Actually struggling with many bosses is player execution is off slightly. Overall most of our members enjoy not having World Buffs in Naxx, but there are still a handful in our guild that are interested to see what Naxx is like when we have them back since it is technically Blizzlike. Short suggestion that was breifly mentioned among the Scuba player base would be to only enable World Buffs in Naxx during Dark Moon Faire week or something if the server wanted to go the route of disabling them forever, this might give people something to look forward too every month. TLDR - Keep World Buffs out for a little longer, but still a portion of the community that wants them back eventually.
  10. Saph down. KT down. Pre-World Buff Nerf. 15/15 #1 NA. Good work boys! Video incoming, nerd screams included.
  11. If the GM's/Devs state that we got there 3rd after DS and Coalition I'm inclined to believe them. I haven't personally seen any Chinese guilds running around with 4H or Saph loot, but hey maybe I just don't play as the same time as them. They also don't upload to realmplayers so it's hard to know. (Also getting the Gothik respawn bug forcing us to clear trash twice in a night lost us a probable kill on Monday evening and ticked away nearly half our flask timer) Regardless we're really only concerned with being the 1st NA guild to get all the kills since that's who we recruit :] Not really competing with Europeans or Chinese guilds for recruitment slots so it's all a wash. Gz to the China guild that got there if they did actually. Come join the top NA guild boys!
  12. Taunt Resist Simulator 3000 was downed by the Cops.
  13. I'm aware that there's almost 0% chance they perma disable world buffs. Just wanted to point out stuff is actually fun without them. I guess we'll just have to make sure only alliance gets to raid with them. Scuba! Hopefully bad guilds buff up and die anyway so they have to do it the hard way.
  14. Not having world buffs has made Naxx an actual challenge now that you can't just triple your stats on a whim to destroy a boss you're struggling on. Dreamstate and Coalition have already proven the instance is 100% clearable without them. Reasons why I think World Buffs should remain disabled in Naxx: Makes the instance an actual challenge Don't have to worry about logging on 5 hours before your raid to run around the world getting buffed The instance is doable without them (already proven) Makes killing bosses an achievement separating the Best, Good, Decent, & Bad guilds from one another Can't Soulstone 40 people with Warlock alts to have double the chance of killing a boss you should wipe on if you play poorly People actually have to PROGRESS to get kills on many bosses People don't get mad when they die before everyone else and lose their buffs I understand that world buffing in Naxx is Blizzlike but it's actually fun to do an instance for once where you don't have to worry about guilds doing the above. This isn't to say that our guild won't take full advantage of world buffs if they should return, but the general consensus is that guilds are actually having fun playing without the need to World Buff for every raid night.