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  1. cargalia

    Account suspended

    i changed it twice and it hasn't removed the suspension reponse
  2. cargalia

    Account suspended

    Trying to check out my characters but my account says its suspended. First time logging in a few weeks ago just barely got to posting. Any common fix ?
  3. cargalia

    Development Update 19.04.2017

    Cool now fix berserker rage. I'll wait
  4. cargalia

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    So you'd rather channel mend, then do damage or escape.
  5. cargalia

    2Handed warrior specc?

    I I have like 3 to 4 builds depending on what you really want. You said you want to grind and run instances but you want to PvP. If You want to PvP effectively it has to be an arms build. Otherwise you'll die to a holy priest that knows what hes doing, because you cant reduce his healing percentage without mortal strike. But if you're an arms build you cant grind mobs effectively. But to be fair you can probably get into any 60 dungeon as arms dps, because none will notice or wont care. BUT that's not factoring in the fact at 60 every tank is really a fury warrior trying to get his pre raid armor by cucking other dps wars. Going from fury to arms with my shit max stat green items, I went from being able to potentially kill (by rng) 3 like level mobs. As arms it's not nearly as slow as prot, but it's definitely not shining for me at all in PvE atm.
  6. cargalia

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    Yeah I caught that tooltip and giggled.
  7. cargalia

    First Broken Tooth of the server

    Can't wait to grief this on elysium, hope there's a line
  8. cargalia

    PvP Huntard?

    In short 1-59 (maybe even 50ish) it's a noob class. Then imo it spikes up at 60 where it becomes a class that doesnt forgive easy mistakes.
  9. cargalia

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    I haven't played my Hunter since nost shutdown. What ability does that ? No item links
  10. cargalia

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    Taken out of context, that build is if I had to put both PvP and Pve together. The clever traps for pve duration, the trap mastery 2 /2 (old nost the 2 points were enough to not resist as opposed to none, I wont challenge that single point cause I didn't test it) As for entanglement.I'm not going to argue a game playstyle because that's not an argument. As someone that uses iceblock as last resort or mid fight. Wing clip does well for me considering there's no CD.
  11. cargalia

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    Plays tranq bot, wants to do high dps. 1 polymorph negates all those talents you have in bm for pet dps, useless in PvP. If you're bad at pet positioning, again those talents are useless in raids because your pet will die. OF COURSE it depends on the player. As someone who wanted to raid and PvP, that build did me well . It's 2h reliant in pvp
  12. cargalia

    Warrior as first character

    At any rate go fury. Don't get burnt out
  13. cargalia

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    Wasn't too hard. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cZgVohthtI0wbRh Don't respond with a try hard bm spec plz.
  14. cargalia

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    its mainly for PVE
  15. cargalia

    Was Princess Theradras buffed?

    need a bm spec for croc and rock guy and the right talents like not in stamina