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    Hunter Noob need help

    Guise, I need to know.. does Spirit Bond in BM,apply while in combat too ?
  2. mathioud

    I started reading

    That's awkward
  3. mathioud

    Is ppv realm online

    Only the GMs can have access. Replying like the first 3 replies weren't enough
  4. Goldshire, trying to get screenshots of pedos RP'ing sexually young children, and report those creatures
  5. Yes, make new char, try new and different things for me, and when the fresh realm launches, gonna hop on there creating my favorite class,race,faction. After a while im gonna decide what i want the most. The new adventures on the Nost server , or the ones that used to be my favourite until then , on teh fresh.
  6. mathioud

    Extended* Priest Item List

    Downloaded . Thanks too much
  7. mathioud

    An old post that made me LoL back then...(not mine)

    lol. read it all. pretty informative actually
  8. mathioud

    Do you like my latest GFX?

    So.. where are the explosions ?
  9. Playing some games... Portal 2. Postal 2. AOE 2 (HD). Linage 2. Sims 2. Neeforspeed: Underground 2. Also listening to the Faithless 2.0 album, while playing some Playstation 2 titles with my cousin, since i found my console in the attic. Just like the old days.. just the two of us. Also my father finally bought his dream motor to put in his 200sx, the Toyota 2JZGE (naturally aspirated). I'm gonna help until the fresh realm. I have that very strange "urge" me to go spare some time on that "Kronos 2" server, and I dont know why.. I don't know where that urge comes from
  10. The Warcraft Novels written by Christie Golden. Those books are so great. I began to see the actual image of WoW and the lore that i was missing. And I missed it because of the fast levelling of that WoW introduced in Cataclysm( I believe?), when I actually had time to start play WoW... The lore is actually TOO EFFING GOOD. Top class.. why aren't those books popular nowadays in the bookstores like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings etc ?
  11. Thanks for the replies, although i understand what you guys say, and part of what you say is true, I have some objections.. What PvP do people expect to do if they all tend to go on one side? This attitude is obviously wrong. If people do not have understanding of such fundamental things, then they shouldn't play on a PvP server. Same as the above. Elysium project has shown some great clues of trying to do things the right way. It seems only right to me to provide all the right tools, so we, the community, make sure that the server lives up to everyone's expectations. Of course, everyone is more than free to play on whichever faction they want.. But if there are people who are willing to choose sides wisely, fueled by their interest to have the best possible in-game pvp experience, no reasons such as the above quoted seem enough for not to implement that feature. ---- Edit: Typos
  12. We all want to have balanced servers, especially on the fresh one. People coming in to the Fresh server, might not have a problem rolling either on Horde or Alliance. It would be nice to know what is the current percentage of active players on each side. So, me for example, I have always been on the Alliance Side, and I'm thinking to go Horde. But if I see a 45%:A - 55%:H, i wouldnt mind making a gnome and chill in the epic Ironforge at max level just like the old days.
  13. mathioud

    Vanilla Addons A-Z

    Thanks alot for all those. Are all of them compatible with 1.12.1 ?