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  1. Both your ideas won't work. Why would anyone transfer from Elysium to Darrowshire who is already established there, has a guild etc? The only players that may transfer are casual players that are tired of being ganked (and ganking on ely isn't even bad, I leveld a 55 warrior while alt-tab playing on Darrow) and potentially later regret it to have transfered, or quit alltogether, because the realm does not offer anything besides the "duh huh i cant get ganked huhuhuh" mentality everyone seems to have. Invalid argument - why would anyone ever in the history of forever realm transfer if being established matters? In retail a LOT of people transferred around for a plethora of different reasons. Crossrealm Battlegrounds will help the current and future rankers, not a single doubt about that. But I finished my ranking to 14 and so did many others, we all stopped PvPing after this. Not because we are done, rather because you are tired of pvping after you ranked. It takes soo much time and it hits very hard on your mental and physical health, its not a joke. Not really. Froug still PvPs, Vitaminp, Lapander, Gennesis, etc. They don't PvP as actively anymore simply because the PvP grind requires you to log in 14hrs/day. Just because you quit doesn't mean every other person did, please do not project as we see a LOT of veterans of the horde PvPing. Crossrealm battlegrounds would only fix the long queue times or non-existing games, as well as the pool size. But this isn't relevant to how heavy it is to rank, anyway. Also you played horde, which required 2-3 days of steamrolling alliances AFK in GY because you're premade zulul please go away. I completly agree with anything Zhera and other veterans said. I started with Nostalrius PvE launch and quit (now) Anathema due to it being established on ZG Patch AND having peaks of over 12.500 every day, which was unplayable due to massive amount of lags and delays, and of course the very dumb hackfix of decreasing the view distance (which elysium repeats as of now on their fresh server). Not everyone who started on PvE started because PvP was full. I've played PvE servers all my life. You might be a vocal minority in this case but that's a difficult thing to establish. The "hackfix" makes the server work so in my opinion it's a fix. What do you expect them to do, invest twice the amount in server costs they already can barely afford? Or reinvent the entirety of WoW and Mangos's server engine? You must be kidding. It's not necessary on Darrowshire per se but it might keep down server costs and keep the game running so whatever. Either a merge needs to happen, which is very unlikely for now as the different timeline does in fact have a serious reason to not do it yet. However, saying that we do not get a merge due to the "PvE" server status is one of the most stupid arguments anyone could ever bring. First of all, as said ganking isn't even that bad on Elysium. And, it is part of the game. You get ganked during leveling by NPC's as well, do you quit killing NPC's alltogether and just explore zones for XP to level up? Probably the dumbest part of your post. You say a merge needs to happen, yet you earlier in your post say "having peaks of over 12.500 every day, which was unplayable due to massive amount of lags and delays, and of course the very dumb hackfix of decreasing the view distance" is one of the reasons you didn't start there in the first place. What gives? You want a merge to happen to make an EVEN BIGGER server, despite Elysium already having 1-2s loot delays, the "stupid hackfix decreasing view distance" and a BOOMING population that has to be capped at 8.3k or the server literally explodes? On top of that, not everyone is as comfortable with ganking. While we might perservere easily, I can't imagine someone like my mum enjoying this game very much is an undead rogue could just bash her skull in in a second flat for absolutely no reason. With NPC's you pick the fight, with players you have little choice. "And, it is part of the game. You get ganked during leveling by NPC's as well, do you quit killing NPC's alltogether and just explore zones for XP to level up?" Just re-read this and tell me if you actually meant what you said Same counts for PvP. Real corpse camping does exist, it happens every day a lot on Elysium, but don't be scared that you will be victim of it. No one will ever do it to you if you're just a normal player playing the game. There is simply no reason to and its a waste of time for them as well. And even if you get ganked, hell just logout play an alt or something else, go to a different zone or just do a dungeon instead. Especially with 50+ when you need to gather pre-bis raid, you can avoid honor ganking by rankers by just grinding instances. You need to do it eventually, why not combine it with leveling instead. Ganking does happen. What planet do you live on lmao? And some people just don't want to logout and want to level in peace. Like I said above, I can't imagine a LOT of the playertypes of people that I play with that are a lot more peaceful and just want to enjoy it as is to even consider world PvP as a thing. If World PvP wasn't a bother at all and objectively better then there wouldn't be any PvE servers to begin with. There are a lot of players that did not join Darrowshire because of the PvE status, rather we were escaping Anathema due to its status it had when Darrow was launched. Don't punish us being stuck on a PvE server when all we cared about was having a fresh start without lag, without 12.5k+ peaks, without delays, without too low view distance etc. Literally half your post is "bro WPvP ain't even that bad bro, honestly ganking ain't that bad wtf why doesn't everyone just man up, you can grind instances, just git gud bro lmao carebears on this server xd", do you not realise that you are just sounding like another "broPvPer" calling all PvEers carebears? Your entire post is just full of shit excuses as to why you personally want to see a merge with a PvP server. You could have rerolled onto Elysium, but you didn't, despite the fact that Elysium was fresh and bla bla everything else. Do you want a merge with Anathema? They're not fresh at all as they've cleared literally everything in Vanilla (as one of your arguments is "I wanted it to be fresh"). You didn't reroll Elysium, and Anathema won't be attractive for a merge because of their completion. You either reroll or stay, no other choice. If you wanted a PvP server you should have levelled there, and dealt with the lag and shitty view distance (that still exists, by the way). You made the choice. The milk is spilt. So yeah. Deal with it.
  2. You have to have enough honorable kills (25) to be listed, and ensure that you know your honor so you know where in the list to find yourself.
  3. Ayy all aboard the transfer train (or caravan I guess)
  4. Noiryx

    PvP Grind

  5. Noiryx

    PvP Grind

    Go to Elysium and don't look back. We're all trapped here because we're too lazy to level again.
  6. Noiryx

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    PvP on Darrowshire is going fine. All you PvP server players seem so salty lol. Seems I made the right choice. Altho our pool is ridiculously small so even rank 11 was some push for me! Elysium staff, if you make a drastic non blizzlike change, you will successfully kill the only reason people PvP here: it being blizzlike and hard. If you make it easy people will quit because that's what retail is for. Not that it requires skill, but it's tough! Also all servers except Elysium are dying. Darrowshire goes down 100players avg every week, most people I knoe just raid log, zethkur is dead and anathema heaving its sinking breaths. Don't know how you can help that tbh, the hype died and you guys couldn't keep up. There's too much drama, corruption and similar. And there's too many servers. Is 4 rly necessary? A PvE and PvP seemed enough. Opening Elysium was fresh, yes, but it has heavily split the playerbase. Ah well. Whatever you get out of this feedback session, be extremely careful. One wrong unblizzlike box ticked and half your playerbase vanishes. Flex Noiryx
  7. Noiryx

    Booster got caught

    You are allowed to pull a bunch of mobs and AoE them down. Boosting is allowed, except if he's multiboxing. You have no proof of multibox other than "he was afk on follow zulul". Stop being a salty carebear.
  8. For those veterans, new or potential ZK refugees, I made a video enveloping the more "loud" people, the noticeable. Primary focus on PvP, with a little bit of PvE thrown in the mix.
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    Beware, the Soulflayer is coming

    Posted at 3 am :zulul: Thanks though! Look forward to it.
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    The Darrowshire Bummer

    I want to fug Pepiberry.
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    Shenna's Resignation

    Take care Shen, you will be missed from the team :) good luck out there
  12. Noiryx

    Chat bug - Muted?

    Hi Hjuret! Funnily enough I had this exact same issue. I couldn't see guild chat, say, yell, whisper, anything. A lot of people were very angrily thinking I was ignoring them haha. Essentially in vanilla it's impossible to reset your chat settings, as such this may be a little more tricky, personally to resolve it I had to make my WTF folder into WTF.bak and delete my WDB folder, but I see you have already done that. This may sound simple, but have you checked you don't have the channel unchecked? Just right click the top button of chat (that says General) and look into these settings. Let me know how you get along, please.
  13. Noiryx

    Account closed

    Hello! Chances are you may have been banned, or you have network issues causing that to pop up. Also happens if you put in your password in wrong 5 times I believe (gives you a 1hr IP ban to prevent bruteforce login theft). If you can't connect on the account with another network/PC (aka it's not a client/network bug), your account is most likely actually banned so please use these forums to appeal your ban: https://forum.elysium-project.org/forum/351-ban-appeals/ BEFORE creating your appeal please read: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/38068-ban-appeal-information-read-before-posting/ Good luck out there.