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  1. But my glowy orbs of anti-sap!
  2. By priest, do you mean shadow Full clear @60 in shadowform aq20/40 zg mc bwl 13/18 naxx(as shadow)
  3. Teljkon

    Shadow Priest Theorycraft by Killerduki

    If the game is setup as in vanilla, then s priests can absolutely keep up in the end game stages of the game. Granted they will require a great player for this to do so, but back in vanilla myself and 3 other shadow priests all experienced most of what naxx had to offer
  4. Teljkon

    10 - 19 Thread

    Oh, this is gonna be fun.
  5. As a naxx geared shadowpriest in vanilla wow, no, not even an undead rogue could really hard counter us. Granted I was a troll(so horde) but in all my duels, I never had much of an issue. Allies might have had issues with them en mass however. As someone else said however, your biggest issue as a shadowpriest needs to be efficiency with your spells. Mana is super hard for shadowpriests to keep up