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  1. Fatherfrost

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    How can i level up my LP skill 100-175 if i already completed poisons quest (alliance side)?
  2. Hello. How can these circled icons on the minimap be removed or straightened alond minimap borders?
  3. Fatherfrost

    Leatherworking guide

    Thank you for the guide. This is really useful.
  4. Vangooch, i have to admit that "LFG" channel is less crowded than "LookingForGroup". Yes it has more letters to type in, but this issue is solved with /leave-join macros. So i propose to join "LookingForGroup" channel instead of spamming into "trade", which btw works only in cities.
  5. Lillpapps, or CalltoArms addon, try it. Sadly, only few players use it
  6. JunkShop, u have to make 2 macros: /leave world; /join world, -> action bar. Everytime you log in, use /leave macros, then /join.
  7. Back those days on old nostalrius i was obsessed with ideao making 1000g by fishing and messed with it plenty of time And i noticed that fishing process was very different from retail vanilla - fishing bobber appears in line instead of being spreaded through the area in front if u in different places. Here on elysium its absolutely the same. So i think core is the same with little differences. Why? Dunno