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  1. Wardz

    Server Integrity?????

    I hope thats sarcasm :D:D hahah , Russian sub forum really?, news like this and they only announce it in Russian sub forum, exactly my point if thats true,,,
  2. Wardz

    Server Integrity?????

    Dude you're completely clueless :D, people are not mad because some people are not being banned.. People are mad because 1. they havent addressed this issue at all!, 2. they probably dont plan on fixxing it meaning that these guys with the hack or cheat or w/e will keep making new chars and doing the same thing and 3. in the 1 year + of nost , nothing close to this ever happened... THATS why people are mad bro
  3. Wardz

    Server Integrity?????

    Why do you even post? Your post is gonna be deleted :hahah
  4. HAHAH, xDD This is wonderful but lets be honest and admit that people who spent 5 mins /played on a char are now equivalent to the people who have spent a year+ on nost ,, ainT THAT SOME SHIT :D:D
  5. u still dodged idiot, cba link screenshots and get reported by your whiny ass but screenshots are there :D
  6. Guild meeting in Bulgariaaaaaaaaa, lets GOOOO
  7. Wardz

    First Broken Tooth of the server

    They made it less in the last days of nost,, its probably half of that timer now
  8. Wardz

    The lag

    vanilla severs didnt always lag you lil sperm they had a way less cap than This server also gms already listened to me and made a 8k cap sometimes throughout the day thats all that matters =)
  9. Wardz

    The lag

    yeah my 50 mbs connection is the problem, are you dumb? The pvp server has always been laggy I know, but it is more laggy than nost now... 5 sec delays and needs something to reduce the lag a bit more... atleast how it was on nost
  10. So yeah its way worst than original nost.. if youre running to meet someone thats also running to you. you don't even see them,,, you have to wait 10 seconds to meet.. , FIxx
  11. " posts screenshot and brags of a instant 60 fun server where majority of spells are bugged and not working as intended, and if they cant fix a talent they completely remove it from the game , you sir are dumb as fukkk lol
  12. Wardz

    Hunter in raids

    We are not talking about end game though, we're talking about BWl/MC which is the current patch atm, and hunters can pull some big deeps.. Just know how to keep your pet alive throw some jujus on yourself and pet , pretty much full buffs on yourself and pet... correct spec , correct rotation and you can pull some big numbers
  13. Wardz

    Hunter in raids

    if you know how to play your class, and come fully prepared with full world buffs/consumables, and master your rotation.. You can pretty much overpreform almost any class if not atleast be in the top 5-10... .. I hate people that say hunters are not for DPS, yes they are just learn how to play your class
  14. Wardz

    Hunter pvp

    Only if you're a shitter or you're in a фекал premade... Hunters provide big dick dps and viperstings,, so to put them at stables is kind of a waste but then again depends on the comp