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  1. You downloaded 700 addons from a site.that is widely known for distributing hacks and exploits, and you got banned for running them. Doesn't really matter which ones you're willing to admit to using. We have enough sense to put 2 and 2 together.
  2. So OP is still going on and on about the possibility of GM corruption, even though his friend came and posted and admitted to all of us, as he already had admitted to the multiple GMs that questioned him, that he was running addons that were far from legit? Thread of the year?
  3. Glenzig

    Transfer Apply

    No transfers.
  4. They also lie to their friends. My point was, you are appealing his ban. You're going to have to be ready to provide some sort of counter evidence to the GM during the appeals process. That's how an appeal actually works. It seems as if you're working off of heresay and conjecture. That won't get his ban reversed.
  5. So you can provide no evidence that he didn't cheat? Very convenient. The GM was there and witnessed it. I'd trust the GM more.
  6. Sure. It's also convenient that you weren't there to witness your friends ban. Your friend hasn't made an appeal on his own behalf. And your friend was banned for cheating. That means he's most likely guilty. Legitimate concern.
  7. Them refusing to share the details of a ban with a third party does not mean that they don't have enough evidence for a ban. It actually only means that they aren't willing to share it with you, the third party that has zero rights to the info to begin with. That is completely opposite from your position. Don't try to conflate the two positions.
  8. You have suppositions, heresay, and inferrences. That's not information. Certainly not anything would be threatening to the server staff.
  9. You have no information. Evidenced by the fact that your entire thread has been explicitly about gathering information. What exactly are you talking about?
  10. They aren't obligated to provide that info to the person that has actually been banned. What makes you think that they owe it to you to provide you, a third party, with that level of info? Btw, there is a very good reason to keep the evidence sharing on bans to a minimum. The more info that people have on exactly how they got caught, the easier it is for them to circumvent the rules in the future.
  11. You need some new material Divinesheep.
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    Character Transfers

    3k is more than enough for a server.
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    C'mon devs! He's a devout Christian! Devout!!!!
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    Ragnaros with 25.01 updates

    The same guild would just kill it again after the fix. Might have bought the rest of the server a little time. But, was anyone else even close to ready?