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    to elysium team

    WotLK - make this happen and they will come.
  2. Hi: I've been able to transfer characters from Lightshope to my Elysium Nightraven account. Can I now transfer these newly migrated characters to Stormrage.? Please note I have characters on my Stormrage account that I migrated from the old Elysium vanilla server. Is it possible to add the lightshope charaters If so how is this done. regards
  3. Calibur

    Decline in numbers

    Hi I wanted to get feed back from the community on what appears to be a decline in the player base. Are people leaving guilds and the game in general. To the project management: what would be the minimum threshold before the server would be considered " not worth continuing"
  4. Hi, Could you kinldy let us know if there is an ongoing log in issue to the Stormrage TBC server. Regards.
  5. Calibur

    Normal realm in TBC?

    Create a PvE token in the shop. Job done. I would buy one or 2 to ease my levelling journeys.
  6. Calibur

    About the mall

    I've noticed that if I'm sending more than one item in a single mail message to myself I only get the first item i attached.. The other items are lost..
  7. Calibur

    How to point off QTR test realm 1.5

    I love you .. xxx
  8. After leaving the queue i accidentally pointed to the test realm and tried to log on.. im now immediately disconnected without the ability to change realm back to PVE.. Any ideas on how to over come this Cheers
  9. Topman - Ellipsea you should create a new post and hopefully its get sticky..
  10. Wait till the allotted time to try the transfer steps or else this will be a wash of assumptions and second guesses.
  11. Calibur

    Client Download

    Word to the wise.. I tried changing my WTF pointer from Kronos to Elysuim.. naturally it never connected.. but after changing it back the kronos application failed.. had to download the Kronos client again.. it may have been me but i would not suggest trying to change the Kronos WTF file to save time.. Fresh install and new folder =)
  12. Calibur

    Client Download

    I'm guessing old Nost player dont need to perfrom step one.. Create an account. - other than to chat on here prior to the 17th..
  13. Calibur

    AoE Threat Generation

    I had a thought - if the players in your group that didnt need BS kept removing and then it was reapplied, would this generate more threat than just laying an new one on top of the exsisting. PS - great thread BTW..
  14. Calibur

    Our population will grow

    Grinding for mats without the ganking - yes please.. PvE will be fine - Kronos 1 and 2 are the onse that will suffer
  15. Calibur

    Warrior or hunter?

    From personall experience levelling as a Warrior is one of the most painful things in the world.. its slow and you will struggle to kill things a few lvls above ( defo a earlier lvls).. and after most fights you will need to bandage or eat. Plus side, if you're half decent and alert you will find dungeon groups easy and around lvl 50+ you get a lot stronger and smash mobs with more ease. Hunter - spec BM and ding - ding - ding..