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    forgot my acc name and email combination...

    Try looking into the email account that you used when you created the account to find the account name, usually it is mentioned when a forgot password is used or when the initial validation email is sent out upon account creation.
  2. Most of the time, the servers need to be available for that kind of thing to work. At the moment, only GM's have access to the servers and all but the PVE realm are offline.
  3. bscity4343

    Not receiving Verification Email

    This issue is being looked into by the staff via Discord. Just know you are not alone!
  4. bscity4343


    I read the dear maggot part and was like "Well that was rude..." Then I read the next sentence and was like "Well that is just unfortunate."
  5. bscity4343

    Email on old nost account

    When the realms become live, I would submit a ticket with support to update your email address in the database to ensure that everything is working in order. I would stay away from yahoo and go with gmail as I have never seen someone report that gmail has deleted emails or accounts based off of inactivity.